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It dawned clear, crisp and cold, a perfect day for hiking. We left the valley floor and drove up a thousand feet to hike to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain with 360 degree views. Across the grassy “sea” to another set of mountain islands, 75 miles away. The hike was treacherous in many spots with plenty of snow and ice, but exhilarating.

Even so, the spectacular rock formations that form the monument were more interesting on the drive up and on the shorter trails we took.Looking through this keyhole shows five dimensions.At every turn is another set of interesting formations. This huge balanced has neon yellow lichens covering a good portion of it.

People constantly name various configurations. Using the imagination one can see a headless woman kneeling, a ships captain, various grinning faces and animals. For more photos visit my web album at The mushroom, just one of many.

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