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A Visit With Cousin Diane…

Jim says:

Yesterday we drove about 75 miles to Hebron, Connecticut to visit with my Cousin Diane and her husband, Bob.


Within five minutes Diane and Mary were chatting away like they were old friends. This went on for eight straight hours! In late afternoon, the temperature got to 95 degrees and the Weather Wimp…that’s the name Mary has given me…said “DOUBLE YUK!” We enjoyed a nice evening meal with them. I last saw Diane in 2007.

Around midnight there was a strong thunderstorm…the lightning flashed…the thunder boomed and the rain came down hard. It lasted about an hour. This morning Bob told us there was about two inches of rainwater in his bird-feeders. We enjoyed a nice breakfast with Diane before departing this morning. We expect to see them again in New Bedford, Massachusetts for the Portuguese Festival in late July.


This morning we’ll continue our journey about 30 miles South and arrive at my son’s home in Ivoryton, Connecticut. The forecast for today is 75 degrees, so the Weather Wimp will be a Happy Camper!

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