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I thought I had a pesky problem solved…

Jim says:

Another thing I love about full-time RVing is that there are generally few problems in life and those tend to be small problems. This story is about a small problem that has been pestering me since we acquired the new motorhome.

Most Class A (the big square ones like ours) motorhome are built on a truck chassis. Our motorhome is on a Workhorse Chassis with 19.5″ dual rear wheels. Checking and adding air to the tires can be somewhat of a pain. On our motorhome I installed a valve stem extension for the inside wheel and it works fine. I’ve tried a number of items on the outside wheel to no avail. Even a Camping World Service Manager told me he had nothing that would fix my problem.

Right now the only way I can add air to the outside wheel is to use an angled chuck. I’ve good a real good quality 12 volt air pump, but it does not have an angled air chuck. The hole on the outside wheel is too small to attach my air pump.

The too small hole.

The day before yesterday I was on the phone with a Goodyear Tire Store and they told me they had all kinds of angled valve stems that would fix my problem.

Yesterday I went to the Goodyear Tire Store and the angled valve stem looked like it would work. They would only charge me $28.50 to do both wheels, plus tax…and no charge if they didn’t work. I was ecstatic! Camping World gets $54.50 for one-half hour of labor!

They took a wheel off the motorhome, removed the tire from the steel wheel and…Oh, No!…the hole on the steel wheel was too large for the angled valve stem. I was crushed! From the time I arrived until I departed…two hours had slipped away…and good to their word…there was no charge. That was good…but I’ve still got my pesky problem!

This angle valve wouldn’t work because the hole on the steel wheel was too large.

In other news…
As pretty as the day before yesterday was at the Gulf Island National Seashore…when you are near the beach there are very small gnats. I ran into them along the gulf shore in Mississippi also. They’re so small they can fit through the openings of the motorhome window screens. There were dozens of them and they bite like alligators. Fortunately they have a very short life span and they are also very dumb. They like camping out on the dining room window…so they made easy targets for my fast-moving thumb. I squished about 100 of them. I now have no more gnats in the motorhome! The gnats were a rather pesky problem that I did manage to fix!

So I decided to move on and ended up only about 25 miles down the road in Destin, Florida. After finishing with the Goodyear Tire Dealer I wasn’t in the mood to drive further. So I spent last night in American Legion Post there in Destin. I’m such a lucky guy…I get to meet so many nice people. At the American Legion bar, I met Gary and Connie from upper Wisconsin…married 43 years and still happy together. Thanks Gary and Connie for the great conversations.

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