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Melissa and David took us for a drive around lake Cushman, a very scenic lake.

DSC08935 (Copy)

It is 10:00 a.m. and misty, rain in the forecast.

DSC08942 (Copy)

The shoreline changed dramatically as we drove.

DSC08949 (Copy)

We stopped for lunch at the Geoduck Tavern. Pronounced gooey-duck, this giant clam is one of the longest lived organisms with an average life of 100 years. I thought it was a fake trophy, but they really grow to such huge sizes. They are edible, but kind of like chewing on an inner tube, so we ordered the usual fare, clam chowder and oyster sandwich for me.

DSC08946 (Copy)

My favorite ham wanted his picture taken with the black bear.

DSC08950 (Copy)

The restaurant had mighty hunter trophys all over the walls and silly signs. This one gave me a chuckle.

DSC08969 (Copy)

We came to a couple places on the lake where we could get out and scout the beach a bit. This was a very pretty spot.

DSC08971 (Copy)

Oyster country here, many spots with bleached shells via the gulls, I’m guessing.

DSC08976 (Copy)

Shallow water and oysters growing very close to shore.

DSC08982 (Copy)

We stopped and picked wild apples, but they weren’t quite ready yet.

Hamma Hamma Rd. Hamma Hamma Bridge, Hamma Hamma River

If I painted my house and outbuildings like this, people would think me crazy. I like it though. This house sits on Hamma Hamma Rd. just across the Hamma Hamma Bridge that crosses the Hamma Hamma River. We met the father of the girl who rents the place since the road was so narrow he couldn’t get by us. We are such encroachers. But he was fine with our admiration of the artwork.

DSC08965 (Copy)

At one stop I watched for about ten minutes while these guys launched their boat.

DSC08968 (Copy)

That water is glacier cold. Brrrrrr!  I guess it is worth it to them. They fish and ski with it.


DSC09012 (Copy)

Then we drove to Cushman Dam, the area was steep above the water and very picturesque. Melissa and David had never visited the Dam. We made several stops for pictures. We are running close to our recycle time, so I must not publish too many pictures at this time. Another cousin, Bob Moore, will be visiting us today.

DSC08953 (Copy)

I’ll be sure to warn him that this is rain forest area and if he allows his vehicle to sit too long, it will gain a roof garden.





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