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Jim chides me that whenever I get back to Murphys, I get political and suffer from political outrages. He is right! We taxpayers foot the bills when billion dollar corporations don’t have to pay much for their environmental impacts. Look at the mess in Louisiana and Alaska. The payouts were miniscule compared to the lasting damage.


Fracking a single well may require a million gallons of water. It has been known to dry up nearby creeks and deplete ground water supplies in the area of the well.


The wastewater from fracking has high levels of radioactivity, and secret chemicals that are a trade secret. We don’t get to know what they pump into the ground. The Halliburton Loophole, (thank you Dick Cheny) makes Big Oil exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Air Act.. Isn’t that just too cozy?


In some places, the drinking water from private wells got so contaminated from fracking practices, tap water could be lit on fire. Gee, you don’t even have to heat your coffee.


Do you think it could be a rule that people who work for Big Oil don’t have children or grandchildren?  Maybe it is on the application. No children allowed.


Clean water should be a human right, like clean air to breathe. Clean air should be a human right, like clean drinking water. It is a real time nightmare for some people in the United States. The corporations have it both ways And, we better get re-united before it comes to a local well near YOU.


I’m not against the wonderful benefits of natural gas wells, of which there are many. But, fracking to get it is like blowing up cars on the freeway to clear the way for repaving. (That isn’t as farfetched as it sounds. Fracking can kill you.)


Well, back to the grind- pulling blackberry vines, fixing sprinkling systems and preparing for surgery. I have a new worker but he can only come two to three hours on some days after his regular job. My former helper doesn’t show up or call if he can’t make it. So, I changed to this new guy. Hope it all works out.


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