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We arrived in Vegas with an agenda, part family, part friends and part big time entertainment. We bopped over to my son’s house Saturday and chit chatted with everybody before we girls, meaning daughter Kris, daughter-in-law Laurie, friend Kelly, headed for Julia’s house, another friend, for a girls night out. 

But, first we posed for a family portrait. We don’t do this often enough, it seems to me.

Before we girls left, Austin, who takes Karate, challenged me to see who could stand longest on one leg.  So, there we stood like a couple of book-ends. Austin won, but it was almost a tie. Ya gotta remember what it was like to be a kid and be silly once in awhile.

Our hostess, Julia,  prepared a wonderful table of snacks, then a garlic pasta with broccoli , plus a salad,  before we dug into our game.

I have to take a moment to describe this game because it was sooooo much fun, we were entranced for hours. Each  person in turn must guess what everyone is describing. The clues on the box, for instance, are describing a swimsuit.

Kelly and Laurie were thinking hard for an appropriate clue.

Kristanne, on the hot seat,  is brainstorming,  as she tries to make sense of the disparate clues.

Julia picks a new word or phrase for the next round.
Everyone had played this game previously except me. Each woman confirmed the game is different when only women play. It has a point system where you can be competitive if you like, but we played  for the sheer fun of it. It opens up personal conversations on a variety of subjects and I can’t imagine what it would have been like with Venus AND Mars at the table. Try it ladies, you’ll love it.

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