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Mary, Madalaine and Michal, the Three M’s did Camps.  We M’s are long time friends and since Michal and I do a good deal of traveling, we don’t have much time together.  We celebrated at Camps last year where they have good food and drinks.  So now, its a tradition. The bartender here is known  for her delicious Bloody Marys.
Her Bloody Marys may require a chemistry degree, but we didn’t ask. Yum!

Every year Camps has a quilt show of local quilters at Greenhorn Creek. Quilts are normally built on straight lines, but this quilt declares it has NO straight lines. It makes an interesting interpretation of Christmas trees in the snow. Its based on the Dr. Seuss story How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Cindy Lou Who. An original by Tamara Leberer.

A touch of beading and the inventive circular quilting give it cache.

A Geometric Wonder, designed and quilted by Donna Coll caught everyone’s eye draped over the fireplace mantle.

Cutie Cats have colorful buttons, catty footprints, catty materials and was a fun subject made by Shera Winter.

Beautifully embroidered with dragonflies, humming birds, flowers and butterflies by Kathy Jayne.

We M’s liked the Hawaiian print wall hanging above, all hand done by Karen Beeding.

Maddie and Michal don’t quilt, but they appreciate them. I understand the work that goes into a cathedral window pattern above, but we all chose as our favorite, the Poppy Wall hanging by Tamara Leberer.

The picture doesn’t begin to show what work and creative shading is involved in this piece made from very small, some less than a quarter inch wide square and oblong pieces. Lovely.

Sheryl greeted us at the door and later modeled the shoulder wrap or “furniture jewelry” by Tamara Leberer. I had never heard that term before but realized how apt it is. I do the same thing, drape something pretty over a chair or table.
Tamara is a professional. She does machine quilting for others and many of the quilts in this exhibit were machine worked by Tamara. Quilting is an art and an obsession for some people. Beauty is the result.

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