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Everything they say about girlfriends, is true. We really bond, talk and understand each other. (Jim calls himself a thorn among the roses. He took the picture.)
All I know is I would be bereft without my girlfriends. This impromptu gathering was so much fun, the toasts we made, the laughter and “girl talk.”
Tomorrow I have girls night out with the three M’s, that’s myself, Michal and Madalaine. Because I’m now on the road so much with Jim, I find these get togethers all the more precious. When I’m gone, I miss some family gatherings, neighbors, deaths, weddings, local events, my local newspaper…gosh, whole buildings go up in the neighborhood when I’m gone.
Its about choices. I’m glad I’ve become a rambler; I’m glad I have Jim in my life. I’m happy to have these years of good health and happy to have new adventures to look forward to.

A good girlfriend, (now deceased) used to always toast with these words:
“Here’s to us good friends and true. Stab her in the back before she stabs you.” Which always brought rollicking laughter.
Another, that I tend to over use is: “Here’s to you and here’s to me. May we always agree. And if we should disagree, to hell with you and here’s to me.”
Of course toasts can be serious, but for some reason or another me Irish comes up when I have a drink in hand.

“Heres to my friend, the bride. May you always have diamonds on your fingers and knock-you-dead-destroy-the-paycheck dresses to wear. And to the groom, may you have an indestructible paycheck.”

Truth to tell, my usual toast is may you know as much happiness as I have known. And that’s for real.

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