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Neighbor and friend, Jan Stewart is the hostess with the mostess. If anything is going on, it is always at her house. I don’t know how she does it. Always throwing a bit of a party together at the last minute, with just the neighborhood “gang” as she refers to us. Never thought I’d be a gang member at this age.

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This is the other Jan. A positive thinker and healer, petting Mikey. And I don’t think there is a tattoo among us, unless Mikey has one.

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Brian, and Becky listening to Jim expound on something. We all live close to each other.

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Karen doesn’t like her picture taken and kind of hid. But, I got her anyway.

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We ate outside because the weather was so beautiful.  I just got a new haircut and got skinned, but the gang saluted my birthday.

Jan has a pond where a mountain lion, the coyotes, raccoons, and foxes come to drink. I’m so grateful to her for supplying water to the wild animals that frequent our neighborhood because the creek isn’t flowing.  the power authority has cut off the water that used to flow behind her house. I remember when Big Dick Hogan lived across the street, he used to go up to the flume and kick out a board to keep a small trickle of  water coming down Peppermint Creek. He moved away twenty years ago. So Jan’s pond is essential. I heard the lion squawling as we sat. Jan claims it will come and drink with her quietly sitting on the deck, but not when she has a group of noisy people talking. I think the lion wanted us to leave, so we did. It was a beautiful moon and starlit night. Perfect.Thank you Jan.



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Yesterday, before we left Painted Rock, this little fox came out of a hole and decided to catch the last rays of  sunshine.

As the sun went down, a partner popped out of the hole and we watched them cavort, and peek and scamper in and out of their den which is right next to the road in the park.  Then, when it got dark, they took off and went hunting. Taking pictures was tough with the low light and their quick movements, but, doncha know?  We  love this kind of entertainment.

As we were leaving the park, and on arriving, too, we saw gigantic power lines being installed. Jim speculated it was a new solar installation. As we rounded the bend, there was the sign.  ABENGOA, Solana Generating Station.  We love to see that happen. It is interesting that at Painted Rock, and at every campground or boondocking site we stay, we are the only RV with lights on in the early morning.  Thanks to our solar. We get up and enjoy the quiet mornings with plenty of power.


We  drove to Ajo, Arizona, did our laundry, drove around town, went to the visitors center for sight seeing  information and visited the VFW. They allowed us to park overnight .  Jim took a notion to photograph our view from the dining room window every morning, just for the heck of it. Sometimes they are diamonds and sometimes coal.  I kind of chuckled over what is sure to be a coal picture today.  Light is just breaking and he went off to help the post volunteers  set up tables and canopies for a big chili cook off.  Looks like we are in for a fun day!

Last night we had a beer at the VFW bar. For a small town, they lost 16 guys to WWII and they have three graves right on site. I’ve never seen that before. We’ll probably learn more about it today.

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