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We had heard about the only “blue beach” in Texas and we went to see it. It is chained off from vehicles, and doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon.

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It is a pretty beach. I guess I was expecting some kind of blue sand or something. It turns out the blue is for a blue diamond rating given beaches by a coalition of beaches organization, assisted by each state or country in keeping with the US  Environmental Protection Agency standards.  This one is considered the cleanest beach in Texas. Clean means safe bacteria levels and kept free of debris and so on.

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Across from it is this pretty saltwater lagoon.

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And, nearby is a pretty harbor.

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One area has the fancy sailing boats and yachts.

DSC01073 (Copy)

The other side has working boats, the fishing fleet and small individual boats.

DSC01060 (Copy)

I liked the small fishing boats best. They seem to have more character.

DSC01061 (Copy)

They have a beauty of their own.

DSC01079 (Copy)

Here’s MARGIE cozying up to the bait shop.

DSC01104 (Copy)

A hardworking boat, with a patch or two, but still working. Needs a little TLC.

DSC01092 (Copy)

The whole harbor seems like a work of art to me. I guess if you live here and see it every day, it may not look special. The Rockport Maritime Museum is nearby as is the Community Arts Center. Jim went to the Museum and I chose the art center and drove to a couple of galleries on Broadway. Broadway, the main street, is short and sweet with a host of galleries and kitschy shops. And, a good restaurant, La Luna. At least, in answer to my question, “where would you go to lunch…?  But, I knew we wouldn’t be going anywhere in town for lunch this day because the American Legion serves oysters from 2:00 pm. on Sundays, until they run out.

DSC01120 (Copy)

At the Community Art Center, this was my favorite piece. I could just see that bird dancing in the shallows and showing off her feathers. Here they allow you to vote for a favorite and the artist that wins the People’s choice, gets to show in their merit gallery. Everything is for sale here.

DSC01119 (Copy)

I like fabric art and this one wasn’t great, but I took a picture because of the little motor home in the corner. You don’t see many motor homes in art work. It was entitled See America, and that is what Jim and I are doing.

DSC01126 (Copy)


I love the many dune pictures I’ve seen in the galleries, representing spring and summer when the dunes are at their most beautiful.

DSC01135 (Copy)


DSC01136 (Copy)


DSC01127 (Copy)

Then this fish, kind of a decorator item. I tend to take pictures of fish facing right because my friend, Dave Olsen is convinced that all fish are portrayed facing left in art.

DSC01131 (Copy)

Hey, Dave, here is another.

DSC01146 (Copy)

In another gallery was this cute little beaded critter. This is for Sharon who is a beading nut. There were at least a dozen different critters in this place on Broadway and several more galleries I had to miss. We are only here for a day and everything opens late on Sundays, and the oysters are ready at 2:00.DSC04475 (Copy)

We got there before they ran out, but it was a long wait in line. A dozen oysters on the half shell for $5.

DSC04476 (Copy)

I found out you can eat a lot of oysters if you don’t have anything else for dinner. A dozen fried or baked $5.50.  Such a deal. I wanted to go back for the baked, but we got there about 2:30 and by the time I decided to try the baked, they were out of oysters. Yummy! People look at us kind of funny when we take pictures of our food but we kept company with a couple from Illinois and they understood perfectly.

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Moving South about a hundred miles to hook up with Bob and Donna Parker, Jim’s (Jaillet) cousins where we’ll stay for the next week. The weather changed to rain but didn’t cool much. It was 75* when we got up at 5:30. Even the gulls were absent from the parking lot. One lone fellow kept trying to dig something out of a pickup truck, maybe an ice chest tempted him. Previous mornings flocks of them were raucously sounding in what could be considered the equivalent of a rooster crowing the coming morn.

We stopped in Berkeley, MA to have the Motor Home refrigerator serviced at USRV, where Jim’s (Bacon) cousin, Mike De Paola, works. We stocked up on some bacteria additive for the black water holding tank and a new set of blades for the wipers, etc. The company also has a dump station and a place to take on water, all needed chores required for smooth wheeling on the road. We’ll meet with Mike and his wife Saturday afternoon for cocktails. We arrived at Donna and Bob’s where personality and hospitality reign supreme. Donna baked a French Meat Pie for Jim, her first time effort.  I told Donna she was a spoiler and its absolutely true. She would make everyone’s dream come true if it were in her power. The meat pie was excellent, so much better than anything you can purchase. KUDOS! The plan is to attend the festivities at the Portuguese Festival in New Bedford,  something we’ve been looking forward to for a month. I especially enjoyed the Fado, when I was in Portugal, a sort of seaman’s lament about being away from home, the loneliness, contemplating missing comrades, missing his sweetheart, wife,  children and all things dear. Its an emotional, pleading kind of performance and they perform the Fado here at the Festa. New Bedford became an adopted home for Portuguese sailors who emigrated here in the late 1700’s and brought their traditions with them to stay.

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