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My daughter and grandchildren came to play and one of their favorite places is the old historic gold town of Columbia. It amazes me that I can go there once or twice a year and always come away with something new.
Having a fourth grader along helps. Owen is studying California History; the gold rush, the Missions, etc., so that much of what we saw was related to his school work and a good review for adults.
A bumpy, authentic stage ride reminded us of how the west was won, often at gunpoint. The faux robber grabbed the driver’s poke and wanted the kids candy. Turns out he didn’t like their particular treats so we were allowed to pass.
We enjoyed a picnic, shops, and a young street violinist. That and history with and the background strains of a fiddlers contest. A lovely day. Its a great place to visit with kids.
This fat cat was the queen of the Candle and Soap Works.
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