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Jim’s daughter-in-law, Wendy, with her sisters gathered at the beach. Her brother, not pictured, is also present. This camp out at Rocky Neck for the Coombe family has been a tradition for many years. Rocky Neck is approximately 20-30 minutes from home for everybody. Adults and the kids look forward to this yearly reunion.   The kids are all cavorting in the sand or the shallow, sandy bottomed Atlantic. Great place for kids to swim. Since I’m a big kid, I enjoyed it too. Compared to the Pacific, the water is warm and friendly. It even seems less salty.

Two nine year old cousins, Shelby and Jaime, walked with me to the jetty.  They showed me where the brook enters the ocean; helped me find pretty stones unique to the area; and where the ice cream truck hangs out.

I teased them that this was their favorite part of the beach.

Three of the cousins biked back to the campground with me. Meridith, the youngest, biked with her mom and dad since she can’t yet keep up with the older kids.

Shelby diverted me to an amphitheater where she posed for the camera with no prompting. I can see a budding actress here.

Before dinner, the kids played rousing games of volley ball with all comers.

Jim stayed away from the beach, nursing his bug bites and settled in with a good book. This is our last day at Rocky Neck, but the families traditionally stay from one to three weeks, depending on schedules.

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We crossed the Connecticut River into a series of historic small towns to reach Ivoryton,  home of my partner’s family. The town name came from the major industry in the area,  a factory that imported and made ivory piano keys. Alas, plastic took over, but the crumbling  factory is still standing.

I may not have explained that my partner, Jim Jaillet, has lived full time in his RV for 15 years and seeing his son’s name on a mailbox,  gave him an emotional tug.

A quick hug with son Jim before he went off to coach little league.

Crowding two grand daughters, Jaimie and Joceylyn, and mom, Wendy into the motor home after school  proved to be a lot of fun.  Nine year old Jaimie tried on gobs of  beads we brought with us from Mardi Gras last February. Joceylyn, at age 15, likes poetry and math. A rare young person who KNOWS that she wants to be a teacher some day.

Jim has met my family and its nice to finally meet his family. We’ll have time to get to know each other over the next week. Its already evident we’ll be having a good time.

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From Mary’s desk:
Diane Comollo is another cousin of my partner, Jim Jaillet. This East Coast trip is all about family reunion and everything that interests us on the way. We’re all of French Canadian descent and it was fun to watch Diane talk “with her hands” as my family was wont to do. We got teased about it as kids.
We sat and visited all day in her cool kitchen as the local temperature rose to 99*, a record for this time of year around Hebron, Connecticut.

Its important to have the family photo to record the time and changes between visits. Diane has a terrific memory and recounted many childhood encounters, family moves and stories that trigger the fun of times past. Bob barbecued steaks for dinner, (chicken for us) making sure we wouldn’t be left unfed. The French like the Italians exhort you to eat, eat, you must eat. Diane buys everything she can organically grown so we found we had much in common.

A strong thunderstorm during the night left everything sweet and clean. Bob walks the fur children every day. Rescue dogs, he named Oliver after Oliver Twist because this dog had a rough start, hungry, begging, neglected. While Montgomery wants to be alpha dog, and acts like a little general. So, Montgomery it was. I got a kick out of his naming process. Pets add so much joy to their lives.

On the walk we saw this lunch box hanging in a tree. I’ve seen shoes, jar lids, birdhouses, sculptures, cans, just about anything you can think of hanging in trees. This was a my first lunch box.

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