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Meeting a cousin, Bob Moore, his poosslq, Leslie Nolan,  (or her poosslq depending on your point of view) and Leslie’s mother, Marilyn. at a coffee shop yesterday was so much fun, I forgot to take pictures. We talked about family members current, as in my sister suffering from brain cancer showing an improvement after a scary malaise from the radiation, to Bob’s wedding, so many years ago, how his brother Jim, met his wife, to other cousins, aunts, uncles and surprising stories in our family genealogy. Grandma Moore had her fist baby at age 15?  Did Uncle Leonard really take the first tank across the bridge at Remoggin, during WWII?

We don’t know all the answers, but aging gives a great perspective of the past. And I KNOW you are wondering about that poosslq word.

I worked the census for many years and during the 1970’s that word was used to describe …persons of opposite sex sharing living quarters.

Isn’t that a hoot?  Now we accept the normalcy of significant other. As, in my significant other, Jim Jaillet.

Later, I cooked a turkey breast so we could enjoy one of the best part’s of the feast, turkey sandwiches.  I must thank the Earl of Sandwich for that great repast.

Note:  working on a new computer after wirelessly loading every thing from my motor home computer and my home computer, to this one. It took forty-eight hours. Glitches are in store. It will take time to work them out but…I made the page.


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DSC07044 (Copy)

The mystery animal that made a quick pass by the motor home window a couple of days ago, turned out to be a groundhog. Thank you Virginia. Taking its place was this perky robin. Every day, she comes and I tried and tried to get a good picture of her, and finally, a decent shot. Robins move so darned fast.

DSC07054 (Copy)

As I go yammering on about pictures, yesterday we spent most of the day with Jim’s closest cousin Simone and her husband Pat. They grew up together and share a lot  of childhood memories.

DSC07055 (Copy)

She brought photos of her daughter’s wedding, which gave Jim an opportunity to see a bunch of family members he hasn’t seen in years.

DSC07060 (Copy)

We went for lunch at a good Italian Restaurant called Timbers. Then we went to her daughter’s house. She lives in Oakland not far from the  Elks Club.

DSC07061 (Copy)

Her daughter, Elizabeth is the inheritor of the pictures and family history and what a character she is. It has been placed with the right person. She remembers many summers staying with her grandparents. She remembers all the funny family stories, and, between she and Simone, I learned more about Jim’s family than ever. It was fun.

DSC07064 (Copy)

When we returned to the Elks Lodge, it was open, and Lew gave me a tour of the place.

DSC07066 (Copy)

Gregg is their “resident” master gardener and he was working on the landscaping around the place and then it started to rain.

We returned to the motor home and just snacked for dinner.  We had to move the motor home because the puddles began to surround it until it grew into a small lake. It is raining, still as I write, but it smells fresh and clean outside.

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