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I guess you can say Murphys is a tourist destination. It is an attractive place to visit. The first thing I loved about Murphys when I moved here in 1978 was the creek running through town.

DSC06675 (Copy)

I used to swim in the creek with the other “kids”. Now the park is filled to the brim  all summer long with activities, including this venue of Music In The Park. Local caterers prepare dinner you can buy or bring your own along with your ice chest. Or buy wine, beer, tea, coffee and sodas.  My neighbor asked me to come with her, but I had much to do and arrived very late.

DSC06676 (Copy)

I met some old friends in the park, but didn’t feel up to dancing so I relaxed and listened to the music. The other side of the creek has room for people along the bank. Not everyone likes the full, crowded areas of the park. Nice to have a choice.

DSC06677 (Copy)

Dogs have to be on a leash and often get invited by their owner’s to swim. This one took a long, cool drink before heading back to its master.

DSC06679 (Copy)

My friend, Jan’s,  great-granddaughter was hoping to catch the ball in a game the kids were playing.

DSC06680 (Copy)

She caught it and took careful aim at the next person. Ava had been in and out of the water for half the day. We didn’t take her home until she turned blue.

I remember those days on the shores of Lake Michigan when I was a kid. Coming in with lips of blue, chilled to the bone, but happy as a clam.

Murphys really is a special place. A lovely way to cool off on a hot day.

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