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DSC08418 (Copy)

We were on our way to the Library and couldn’t get there. We ran into the Monroe Fair Parade, a traditional event held every year at the start of the County Fair.

DSC08421 (Copy)

We were paraded by the Aloha Ladies and their beautiful horses.

DSC08425 (Copy)

A few floats; this one advertising their upcoming Octoberfest.

DSC08427 (Copy)

Various community groups, martial arts…

DSC08435 (Copy)

…a dance group. They were stopped in front of us for awhile and I noticed all the pretty hair-does.  It reminded me of our exchange student from Indonesia who had kinky black hair. We sat in the back row of a church and she pointed out the many colors of hair to me and then became concerned she would be the only student in school with black hair.

DSC08439 (Copy)

I believe the braids are called French braids. I know I envied them on my best friend in grammar school who wore her hair like this. My mom, who is French, could not do french braids.

DSC08432 (Copy)

Politicos were parading, of course we don’t vote here. Carolyn let her dog help out.

DSC08471 (Copy)

What’s a parade without some neat old cars?

DSC08480 (Copy)

The Harley Club paraded with their hogs.

DSC08518 (Copy)

And various princesses representing their club or group, all unfamiliar to us.

DSC08519 (Copy)

I admire her courage to walk a parade in shoes like these. Only the young.

DSC08440 (Copy)

A marcher gave me a piece of candy and this little girl wanted it. I gave it to her, but what she really wanted was to be able to GIVE a piece to Jim. I guess she thought he was being cheated. Then she hugged him and I got her to pose for a picture.

DSC08468 (Copy)

She turned out to be a real ham and I probably took a dozen pictures of her. That unbridled laugh just makes me smile.

DSC08441 (Copy)

The sun was harsh and overhead for most of the parade. But this group of horsemen were behind us and we caught them catching up to the front.DSC08450 (Copy)

I noticed the strap of his sombrero held near his mouth.

DSC08451 (Copy)

I’m curious to know why that position instead of under the chin?

DSC08507 (Copy)

Magnificent horses make this parade special. Don’t know the breeds by sight, but look at that mane and tail. DSC08511 (Copy)

This troup danced their horses. You can see the maneuver as the horse is trained to side step and cross a front leg over the other. I’ve been part of organizing a parade and I was impressed how they do it here. And the cost of insurance to allow horses in a parade is astronomical.

DSC08498 (Copy)

Music provided by a flatbed of singing musicians. I know horses love music. At least, my daughter’s horse did. He’d just get silly when someone parked in our pasture and turned on the radio.

DSC08528 (Copy)

Apparently, there is a race track nearby. I noticed that the race cars don’t drive the parade. Each one had a black truck with a padded pusher to get them through the parade. Jim told me high performance engines cannot drive and idle at low speeds.

DSC08533 (Copy)

I counted 12 tractors in the parade…DSC08481 (Copy)

…and one banana.






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I received a message from Jerry at 

about the song I’ve Been Everywhere.

He sent me to a web page where there are parodies and take-offs on that song by  different artists.  I listened to a slew of them.  They were pretty cool.  Click on the links to hear some I got a kick out of.

The first is I’ve Been Everywhere , Texas.

This link is:  I’ve Been Everywhere, Austrailia

Now we have a Johnny Cash parody:

The next one is:  I’ve Been Everywhere, Minnesota. I think. It has some clever, corny stuff like I ate corn dogs at the fair, man, …in my underwear, man.

After I  identified five to put into this blog , swish, the sneaky electronic Genie has tossed one of them into cyberspace, so I’m hoping that the four I have left  are identified correctly.

When I mentioned the song two days ago,  I was talking about my partner, Jim. And,  just to give you an idea of why it fits,  he has crossed the United States 6 times in his Motor Home. He has been in every state of the union. Plus, he took his rig 17,000 miles across Mexico, through every country in Central America and to the Panama Canal and beyond, (until the road stopped.)  Then, of course, he returned those same, many miles back to the States. He’s traveled all over Canada as well.  (South America is still on the agenda.)

Yesterday was a pick up and move, empty tanks, fill up with water, get gas and propane, find the recycle place,  shop for groceries…that  kind of day. We bought two sets of sheets and replaced the butter-soft thin ones we had. I spotted a Burlington Coat Outlet and got a white jacket to replace my warn one.  We’ve been everywhere, man- in Yuma!

The frig is full and we are parked in a weedy little town at a VFW with a huge membership. The bartender told us they serve around 400 hamburgers on Mondays. Tuesday was women’s dart competition and men’s pool tournament. They are open and busy seven days a week. We had a drink and left early because they allow members to smoke in the bar. Nobody was smoking at the time, but we both came out with our hair and clothing stinking  like old cigarette smoke.

The move put us closer to our destination, the Petroglyphs.

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