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The last two days have been heavy work days. My driveway got resurfaced and a dead almond tree was removed. I went out early this morning to look at how things turned out and misplaced my cup of tea. It is not a good morning when I misplace my cup of tea. I retraced my steps, looked at every fence post, every flat surface, and it has disappeared. And, it’s my favorite cup.

While my helper hand-spread asphalt in liquid form on my driveway, my house mate, Karen, worked on refinishing wooden chairs. Sanding the old varnish and paint off in preparation for a cheery coat of paint. I worked on genealogy and scanning  old family pictures.  On-line I shopped for an on- demand water heater to replace one beginning to make funny sounds at the age of 14.

While working with pictures, I  saw the Rubber Ducky Race I photographed while my young niece from Colorado and her  family were here for the reunion. Not only did they enjoy the race, but they  enjoyed the creek and the event. Officials dumped a bunch of rubber duckies in the water upstream.

Here they come. It is a fundraiser for the Humane Society. People buy a chance to win the race. Prizes are awarded for lst, 2nd and 3rd place. Each duck has a number on the bottom, you get a receipt and give the duck back for race day.

At the finish line, eager hands wait to pick out the first three that cross the line and give winning numbers to the officials.

Helpers gather up the remaining ducks, and stay wet and cool along with the adult helpers. Kind of a win, win for everyone.

The ducks are plopped onto a tarp and will come back to race again next year.

The kids enjoy other activities in the park put on by the Humane Society.

Brittany and Brianna get their faces painted. They wear rubber ducky necklaces received when they bought a ticket in the race.

This little girl asked for a purple dinosaur while her brother waits  his turn to be painted. There are games and food; the playground and the creek.

Pull up a blanket in the shade of a tree and enjoy a family picnic.  Isn’t that the way to spend the hot days of summer?

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