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Birch Bay, Washington

Yesterday Mary and I drove about 150 miles to Birch Bay, Washington. The drive was very intense with lots of traffic, and lots of rain…very heavy at times.

Here we are on U.S. Highway 405…the by-pass around downtown Seattle at 10:00 AM…

The rain was intense at times…

However, once we got north Everett, the skies brightened up and the rain stopped. I just love this part of Washington. The scenery is beautiful… the air is fresh and clean…the people are friendly and it seldom gets to hot or cold.

Our camping site is shown as TT. We are less than five miles from the Canadian Border and less than 20 miles from downtown Bellingham.

The below photo…

comes from this Wikipedia informational link where you can read all about Birch Bay…,_Washington

The average summer temperature in Birch Bay is 72 degrees. The Weather Wimp (that’s Mary’s nickname for me) says…Just right! I get grumpy if the temperature gets below 65 or above 75. Tomorrow’s forecast is for 66 and the next day and for the next several days is 72! I’m a happy camper!

We expect to be here for nine days.

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