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Some Maintenance Work…

Mary is no longer available for RV traveling, but we remain good friends.
Because we have 4,000+ postings, I’ve invited her to continue posting entries on this blog.
I’m currently in my 22nd year of full-time RVing and my lifestyle is changing, For more info click Here

The motorhome is parked at Thousand Trails Thunderbird RV Resort along the bank of the Skykomish River in Monroe, Washington. I’ll depart here July 5th.


Yesterday I drove the motorhome 25 miles to Everett, Washington and the workshop on my good friend and cracker-jack mechanic, Kenny Coleman. He replaced the serpentine and air conditioning belts, spark plugs and wires, cleaned the throttle body and replaced a MAP sensor.


Here are some photos I took…



As always you may left click upon an image to see an enlarged view and then click once again to see an even larger view…





A good portion of the work was done thru the hole in the doghouse cover…





Here’s Kenny at work…





Down in that hole gives access to the throttle body valve…





I’ve been suspicious that a dirty throttle body valve is behind the STILL intermittent reduced engine power problem I’ve had for the last year or so…


Kenny said he did not think that’s the problem, but cleaned it anyways. He convinced me to replace a $78 small sensor that he believes will fix that problem. I’ve got my fingers crossed that’s what will happen.





Here’s Kenny changing the belts…


2.5 hours later all the work was completed. In addition to being a cracker-jack mechanic, Kenny is also a cracker-jack computer guy. I described a problem that first started showing up on my six-year laptop computer a few days ago and he confirmed that my video card is getting ready to bite the dust. A non-repairable item. So, it looks like a new computer will be coming into my life in the near future.


A nice one-hour long phone call this morning from my son made my Fathers Day! That’s why today’s posting is late.


Life is good! Onward and forward we go!!!  🙂



 Yesterday was mostly cloudy and 62 degrees. Forecast for today is partly sunny and 72 degrees.

Enjoying nice weather is another joy in the life of a full-time RVer!

The red dot on the below map shows my approximate location in the State of Washington. You may double left-click the map to make it larger…

Enjoying 65-75 degree temperatures with low humidity most of the year is a primary joy in the RVing lifestyle!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”…Albert Einstein


My current travel rig is a 2006 Fleetwood 26′ Class A Motorhome and a towed 1986 Ford Bronco II, Eddie Bauer Model. This photo was taken in the desert at Slab City near Niland, California…


On October 27, 2012, I created a two-minute video titled America The Beautiful. The music America The Beautiful is by Christopher W. French. The photos, which I randomly selected, are from the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, Washington and West Virginia (not shown in that order)…are mine. Yup, That’s me standing in front of the Post Office in Luckenbach, Texas…Y’all!

Click this link to start the video. Make sure you have your speakers turned on and go to full screen asap.

If you would like to see my YouTube videos, click this link…

There are more than 700 photo albums in my Picasa Web Albums File. To gain access, you simply have to click this link…

If you have not checked out my Ramblin Man’s Photos Blog, you can do so by clicking this link…

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Eagles Club #2327 RV Parking Area, Monroe, Washington

Yesterday Mary and I drove the motorhome the about 13 miles from Everett to Monroe, Washington. The parking area is located along a small river about one mile away from the Eagles Club itself in downtown Monroe.

It was pretty, peaceful and quiet…and only $10.00 a night for electricity and water. Today we’ll move the about six miles to Thousand Trails Thunderbird RV Resort along the shore of the Snohomish River in Monroe.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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Yesterday, I got escorted all over Everett, Washington by Home Realty’s Steve Cantor. We stopped and took in views, he showed me the new, youthful neighborhoods near the older moneyed neighborhoods in the woodsy hills, parks, commerce, highways, colleges, and the downtown area with re-gentrification going on. If you ever want to get the pulse of a town, or neighborhood, call on Steve. He showed me this delightful little cookie of  a studio condo, so cute you just want to put it in your pocket.  Then, (don’t tell) we got lost. Well, not really. Steve was supposed to drop me at the Eagle’s Club to meet Jim, and we looked all over for the Elks. The Elks club was not at the address on his Ipad. The telephone was a fax.  Then the dawn…Eagles, not Elks. I was having so much fun I forgot Jim is an Eagle member. Be you lucky enough to belong to the Eagles, this is a friendly, fun place to be. The bar is in a U shape which encourages interaction with people facing you and beside you. A friendly, fun, bunch. We helped a red-headed woman celebrate her birthday. We had a terrific plate of fish and chips.  I’ve eaten them everywhere in harbor towns. Nothing like good, fresh cod or, even halibut. I normally peel most of the batter off. Not at this place. The best I’ve ever tasted, without a pre-made batter from restaurant supply. If you are so lucky to live here, hie thee down to The Eagles.

I’ll be looking at more condos today before we leave for Monroe.

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Everett, Washington

Yesterday Mary and I drove the about 13 miles from Tulalip to South Everett, Washington. We had planned to spend a couple of nights in the Wal-Mart parking lot while Mary looked at real estate investment properties (condos). I immediately had suspicions of a problem when I saw the no overnight parking signs. A phone call to the store manager confirmed he had no problems with us parking there, but a City of Everett ordinance was the problem. He assured us that during the middle of the night the police would be banging on our door telling is we had to move on. Not such a good deal!

So while Mary went looking at condos with a real estate agent, I got on the Internet and made arrangements for us to stay in the Fraternal Order Of Eagles #13 (my lucky number) parking lot only a couple of miles from downtown Everett. I doubled back north about nine miles to get the motorhome set up while Mary went property shopping….

Mary returned about 4:45 PM and we went into the Eagles Club to find some very friendly people. We also enjoyed a very tasty meal of fish and chips. We are scheduled to be here for two nights while Mary looks at more condos today.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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Tulalip, Washington

Yesterday Mary and I drove the about 85 miles south from Birch Bay to Tulalip,Washington. The drive started under heavily clouded skies…

About half-way into the trip, the rain started…

We are parked at the Tulalip Casino which is part of the Tulalip Indian Reservation. This is not a real-time image…in reality the RV parking area had only about ten RV’s…

We’re about five north of Everett to where we will move today…

The rain stopped about an hour after our arrival. Even though we were not far from Interstate Highway 5, it was relatively quiet here last night.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
For more information about my three books, click this link:

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Today is moving day. Our time at Birch Bay has been uneventful, restful and a time to catch up on small projects.  We walked the park, enjoyed the mature trees, and pure black squirrels. This is the only place I’ve seen black squirrels in the many places we’ve traveled.

I looked them up in wikipedia and found they have an interesting background that you can read about at this link:

A woods loving plant prolific here.  I’m bothered by  how few  plants for which I can remember  names. There was a time when I made it a point to know the names of everything that grew within my site. I was heavily into gardening in another life.

For what reason the park managers cut this mature fir is anybody’s guess. It shows no signs of rot or damage.  Fir trees predominate and they are beautiful at this time of year with light green tips on darker old growth.

The next three days we’ll be boondocking and I’ll miss this pretty park and a friendly bird that walks on our roof every morning.
But most of all I’ll miss my daily swim. The pool is wonderful therapy for my injured shoulder.  But, the magic of RVing is looking to what’s next? What will I see?  Who will I meet?

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