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Thousand Trails Palms Springs Park is loaded with beautiful palms, bottle brush and other warm climate plants. Its lovely. After our three mile power walk yesterday morning, we walked to the hot tub. On the way, locals were agog at the San Jacinto Mountains surrounding us with an abnormally heavy snow cover at an abnormally low elevation.

Many of them were taking pictures of the hills with broad smiles on their faces, thrilled by the beauty of this unusual site.

Our Saturday night performer, Cowboy Jack,  commented that he had to drive through ice and slush on Highway 10 to get to our park. Snow is big news around here.

The pool and the hot tub were deserted, but we had no compunctions about hot tubbing in the snow. Well, it wasn’t really snowing on us, anyway. It was quite cool outdoors and the hot tub was comforting and good therapy for my bum arm. We stayed close to the motor home and worked on computer tasks, mostly pictures, through the day.
A friend of Jim’s, who lives in Palm Springs,  had invited us for an Oscar’s Party, but we declined since Jim still has a cold. Haven’t seen who won what. Probably wouldn’t recognize any of then anyway. When it comes to movies, we are culturally deprived. Palm Springers throw a huge public Oscar’s Party complete with red carpet, participants dressed to the nines, entering  past a phalanx of  flashing camera bulbs, with an elegant dinner and about four big screen television screens. Its a popular event, somewhat pricey, but certainly a wonderful way to do the Oscar’s if you like that sort of thing. Remember it if you are in Palm Springs at this time of year. This town is still home to Barbara Sinatra and other notables. You see streets like Bob Hope Drive, Gene Autry Trail, and so on. This was once the hangout for the “stars”. At the visitors center, they sell maps to the homes of the rich and famous, kind of Hollywood in the desert.
I’d hate to be famous.

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