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Gulf Islands National Seashore

Jim says:

Yesterday I arrived at the Gulf Islands National Seashore about 25 miles East of Pensacola, Florida. I was in the middle of a seven mile stretch with no housing or commercial developments of any kind.

I’m glad it was an overcast day with a temperature at 69 degrees. When the sun is shining, the sugar-white sand is blinding. Along with the cloud cover, there was a gentle breeze with only the sound of seagulls and the small waves washing up on to the shore. Since it was a Monday…the place was deserted. I had it to myself.

My current location as seen by Google Earth.
Looking East.
Looking South.
Looking West.

I sat on the beach in my folding chair most of the day reading an Elmer Kelton western novel. It was most peaceful and relaxing. Who knows…I just may never leave here!

A good place to sit and read.

Unfortunately…Some workers came by late in the afternoon…since there were no signs saying no overnight no parking…I asked…they didn’t know and made a cell phone call to inquire and were told no parking allowed overnight. I normally do not ask…but I didn’t want a Ranger coming by at midnight telling me I had to move. So I moved Easterly for about four miles until I left the park boundaries. I found a nice quiet side street that I had previously scouted and spent the night there.

Here’s the official government website link…

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