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Norwalk, Ohio

Yesterday I drove the motorhome the 189 miles from Clarion, Pennsylvania to Norwalk, Ohio. Most of the trip was on Interstate Highway 80 which in Pennsylvania was undergoing a number of bridge repairs…

As always you may left click upon an image to see an enlarged view and then click once again to see an even larger view…


A quick photo from a bridge…


Once in Ohio, Interstate Highway 80 became the Ohio Turnpike on which we drove 66 miles. The only differences from Pennsylvania was it became three lanes, there were fewer exits and we paid $10.75 for the privilege…


Leaving the Ohio Turnpike we traveled about 35 miles on Ohio Highway 20…


Where we arrived at Elks Lodge #730 in Norwalk, Ohio and parked for the night…


Here’s the usual dinette photo…


Folks were friendly here and we enjoyed a nice evening meal.

At 5:30 AM this morning it was a cool 55 degrees. Delightful! We will continue our westerly travels later this morning.

Enjoying a friendly Elks Lodge is another joy in the life of a full-time RVer!

The red dot on the below map shows our approximate location in the State of Pennsylvania. You may double left-click the map to make it larger…


Enjoying 65-75 degree temperatures with low humidity most of the year is a primary joy in the RVing lifestyle!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”…Albert Einstein


On October 27, 2012, I created a two-minute video titled America The Beautiful. The music America The Beautiful is by Christopher W. French. The photos, which I randomly selected, are from the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, Washington and West Virginia (not shown in that order)…are mine. Yup, That’s me standing in front of the Post Office in Luckenbach, Texas…Y’all!

Click this link to start the video. Make sure you have your speakers turned on and go to full screen asap.

If you have not checked out my Ramblin Man’s Photos Blog, you can do so by clicking this link…

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2013
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Pearls were used as decoration 3,500 years before Christ. The only gem that formed naturally and useable as soon as you bit down on one while eating a mollusk of some sort. They became valued for their beauty and natural perfection by all early cultures and remain so today. Birdsong Bob Keast bought into the only place in North America that farms pearls. Bob’s Birdsong Resort, the pearl farm, boat slips, boat rentals and sales is not unlike a little city of its own.

DSC05230 (Copy)

An aerial view of the spot on the Tennessee River off I-40 near Camden is where Bob runs his farm, gives tours and sells beautiful pearl jewelry, among other needed items in his store. A little museum tells the story and a 45 minute film shows how it is done. Bob even has his own sauce, Birdsong Bob’s Barbecue Sauce-mild, unlike his personality.

DSC05271 (Copy)

In fact, Bob was so busy, (his wife Judith calls him “Type A”)) we didn’t get a picture of him. He appeared to be putting out wildfires right and left. I guess a resort with permanent sites, rental sites, room for tenters, along with boat rentals coming in from fishing for the day, and…well you get the point. It is a very busy place. The formal picture above is from when Bob was made official Ambassador for the State of Tennessee. And, we all know Judith helps make all he does possible.

DSC05228 (Copy)

And now to the culture of fresh water pearls. My first thought was how do they find the particular mollusk that has been “seeded” with an irritant to produce a pearl? Well, the answer is pretty simple. The mollusks are tied in wire racks and suspended in the water until the pearl forms. And, I learned that pearls can be formed in any number of different mollusks such as oysters, clams, conch and others. The large mollusk above has room enough to seed forty small pearls at once. DSC05235 (Copy)

The mollusk is soaked in warmish water until it relaxes and opens its mighty grip. It is sometimes necessary to sedate them a bit. Then, the “seeds” made from plugs of used shells or thinner organic mantle material are inserted and the mollusk is left to form a crystalline carbonate natural coating over the irritant, and thus the pearl is formed.

DSC05241 (Copy)

Though cultured pearls are made by the bi-valve, the same way a naturally occurring pearl is made, culturing allows different shapes to be put in the shell and form squares, crosses, or your initials if you are so inclined.




DSC05245 (Copy)

Perhaps the most famous pearl was once owned by a queen and purchased by Richard Burton for his queen. Truly gorgeous.

DSC05238 (Copy)

Bob’s store carries a beautiful line of finished pearls for sale, some quite affordable I might add.

DSC05260 (Copy)

Anyone of these necklaces, with all colors of pearls, can be purchased for $45.

DSC05247 (Copy)

Fine  jewelry as in this pearl winged swan set in gold is also available.

DSC05255 (Copy)

White gold and pearl necklace and earrings sells for $1,500.

DSC05257 (Copy)

A golden fish with pearls and a diamond in his mouth, a real beautiful piece.

DSC05251 (Copy)

You can also buy some beautiful polished shells at Bobs.

DSC05252 (Copy)


DSC05256 (Copy)


DSC05261 (Copy)

Pearls come in many colors, even gray pearls are beautiful on their own. In the film a piece of jewelry shows a bright orange pearl as the bulbous body of a spider.

DSC05239 (Copy)

Birdsong Resort is a bit off the beaten path but well worth a visit. And Bob is a first-rate character.

DSC05274 (Copy)

We left Birdsong and visited the Patsy Cline Memorial. She died March 5th, 1963.

DSC05276 (Copy)

The memorial is printed on a rock deep in the ravine where the plane went down. A sad day for all of us when  her  beautiful voice was silenced.

DSC05282 (Copy)

We spent the night at Camden Elks Lodge #2156 where we discovered the friendliest Elks Club we’ve ever visited. What a great bunch of guys….and gals. The guys gave Jim a shirt referencing their annual crappie tournament, and me a lodge pin. I’ve asked my lodge to give me something to handout along the way, but they don’t seem to be interested.

DSC05279 (Copy)

And, I’m not sure how this plumbers butt picture got into my camera. All I know is she usta wazza truck driver, but plumbing pays better, so she got a surgeons tattoo?  Or something like that. Itsa mystery. We gals had a grand time yakkin away. Thanks to all of you from Lodge #2156.


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