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DSC03352 (Copy)

We started our day as usual with this same group of speed walkers. They tend to walk in clumps, some ahead and some behind, anywhere from 12 to 15 people. We’ve been joining them about midway since my ankle gave me a problem the first day here. DSC03355 (Copy)

Yesterday, I dropped out after 15 minutes because I wanted to try the Zumba group. It is a 45 minute program on tape. It definitely gives you a cardio workout. I quit after 30 minutes. It basically uses all of my yoga and tai chi moves, only all upright and faster to fun music. It was good.

DSC03358 (Copy)

Bruce and Pat arrived just before 10:00 for water aerobics. But, they had changed their minds and decided to head home early.

DSC03359 (Copy)

We said our goodbyes. Bruce and Pat are such fun people to be with. We had a great time. They will visit me in Murphys sometime in March/April. After lunch, Jim and I decided to go to a movie, “The Dallas Buyers CLub,” which he had heard was a good movie. And it was a good movie. It was the story of AIDS patient Ron Woodruff who pushed the FDA to allow drugs to AIDS victims before they were approved. And, he exposed the testing procedures for AIDS as flawed. It was a depressing movie, so we decided to see “Nebraska.” It too, was depressing despite some comedic relief in places. The acting in both movies was great. Can we pick ’em?” I guess I like happiness and joy in entertainment. Our government machinations are already depressing enough.

DSC03360 (Copy)

The night was so balmy we decided to take a night walk and see what kind of pictures we could come up with in our cameras. All hand-held, no tripods.

DSC03374 (Copy)

This one reminded me of a little village amidst the palms. I guess it is in a way.DSC03375 (Copy)

This picture was just a black sky with a light streak in it. Adding light gave me a beautiful abstract.DSC03421 (Copy)

This entirely black sky also turned into an abstract with light added. Don’t understand what the lens picks up to allow this to happen.

DSC03391 (Copy)

As we circumnavigated the park, I aimed at cars and trucks passing on the highway and got their lights streaking by.

DSC03414 (Copy)

And interesting light shows from lights in the park.

DSC03397 (Copy)

We peeked in at the evening card players in the recreation hall. Very concentrated on their cards, they paid us no attention.

DSC03404 (Copy)

People were enjoying the hot tub.

DSC03400 (Copy)

And a rousing game of water volleyball.

DSC03401 (Copy)

We keep wondering what our pictures would be like with an expensive camera. Technology changes so fast, it is likely to happen.

DSC03417 (Copy)

These little yard ornaments came out pretty clear. We had never taken a series of night pictures before. We learned a bit about our camera’s ability. We both own the same Sony,  HX200Z.

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