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Yesterday, we drove around near Semiahmoo point. We’d seen a resident eagle here in 2009 and hoped to spot it again. Instead, we found these dead trees, trimmed with a flat spot for eagle landings.

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On this stretch of public land stand three of these giant perches.  Isn’t it nice what people will do to help nature become closer to us?

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Our goal was to have lunch at VIA, and find a sign we’d seen where you could buy fresh picked peas, zuchinni, and other fresh veggies. We found the sign, and the farm, but we had just been swacked with high-priced store produce, nothing organic, and no room in our small fridge. We’ll return in  a couple of days. On that same road is the Birch Bay Waterslides, another popular summer venue for tourists.

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Jim randomly chose roads and we discovered Birch Bay State Park, and at one point dead ended at a BP Refinery, We found a field filled with freshly baled hay rolls.

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Following your nose is relaxing and fun, especially if you have a camera in hand.

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I find it enjoyable that people are creative, as these two mailboxes show, one a dolphin, the other an egret. DSC07820 (Copy)

As we approached VIA, the tide was out and boats sit stranded. Deliberately, of course, but it looks strange to see several dozen boats sitting on the ground attached to a buoy.

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And if you live there, and this is your beachfront property, what do you do with those buoys that wash up on shore? Beach art.

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A lot of driftwood get’s people’s creative juices moving.

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Driftwood beach art around Oakland and Berkeley is so popular, it slowed traffic down. The cities banned the practice and knocked them all down. Some pieces measured 9 to 12 feet high. The protest was so mighty, they had to rescind the ban.

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By the time we got to VIA, the tide was really rolling in.DSC07837 (Copy)

By the time we finished eating, the water was lapping up to the shore, just beneath our window.

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Theie menu has this rendering of a skinny dog and the waitress told me  the painter, Jefferson, is a finger painter. She pointed out the bar surface was entirely finger painted by this method.

DSC07827 (Copy)

The bar has a lot of glare, as did the menu.

DSC07828 (Copy)

She told me this is his daughter. It reminded me of the face on the barroom floor.

DSC07833 (Copy)

He seems to like to paint skinny dogs. The waitress asked him to paint her some skinny chickens, but he didn’t.

DSC07834 (Copy)

Another painting (of his daughter) on the wall, has a crush mark on the left edge. She explained that they had just bought the restaurant and had been open about 8 months when a “King tide” ripped through the place, smashed all the waterfront windows, flooded the floor and knocked ceiling tiles down, and this painting hit the floor and got damaged. The owner cleaned it up and rehung it on the wall. It has some dings and a small piece of seaweed embedded in the paint.

Art is so basic to human nature, from ancient wall paintings to, skinny dogs and driftwood. It isn’t all beautiful, but I love the idea of expression. It boggles my mind.



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