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Jim arrived at my house late in the day on April 22nd, only to find me embroiled in projects unfinished and little time to spend together, other than finally having dinner together. On Thursday, it was more of the same. He walked, did fix-ups on his Bronco and I didn’t even know he was gone. For now, that  is just the way it is.

Doug, came by to pick up a kitchen counter I had had built locally and went over paperwork and indoor paint choices and sku numbers for flooring I picked locally that he will  look over when he returns to Oregon in the same chain store.

I gave him a belated birthday present, a rug that I made him 30 years ago was damaged by his cat and needed repair. After six years, the same number of years Jim and I have traveled together, I finally fixed his rug.

DSC06512 (Copy)

The job was much harder than I figured, cutting out old pieces without cutting into the lacing that holds the whole thing together and then adding new wool to old wool for a new border. Lumpy in places, but it will flatten with use.  Lacking  blue wool I used black and then went to a thrift store and found a beautiful blue wool skirt and was able to add some of the right color. It’s useable and in better shape now. I know he treasures that rug.

We don’t normally give birthday gifts. But, while rummaging through my stuff as I try to downsize the junk I’ve collected, I found a greeting card my sister gave Doug at his graduation from High School.


DSC06518 (Copy)

It was the biggest greeting card I had  ever seen.  He  got it twice, once from her and now from me.

He is on the road to Oregon this morning as I write. I won’t need to make a return trip  until May 8.

In the meantime, the projects never end. I’m pleased to announce that Mark Miles got my well running and the drought will be much more manageable. It is impossible to know how much water is left in the well, thus I will  be using it judiciously.  Today, I have a helper coming to prune trees that should have been pruned in March. And, so it goes. The march of the responsible home owner. But, I do have wisdom at my finger-tips:

Life is short-Live it.

Love is rare-Grab it.

Anger is bad-Dump it.

Fear is awful-Face it.

Memories are sweet-Cherish them.


Bye, for now.



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