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IMG_3143 (Copy)

And Then The Rains Came Down…Ah, Uh.  I know there is a song with those words but I couldn’t find it. Oh, well, I’ve always wanted an opportunity to use the weather words “torrential downpour”. That is what we had. The drain on my walkway is overwhelmed and can’t drain off the water fast enough. The river flowing in front of my guest quarters isn’t all that visible from the picture but I was ready to get out the row-boat.

IMG_3145 (Copy)

This is what it looks like up close.

IMG_3142 (Copy)

And, the waterfall from the roof where it overwhelmed the gutters.

Not exactly scenic. Science says, we’ll be getting more of this kind of aberrant storm with climate change. The Southland is going to get pretty crowded. I COULD be in 77 degree weather watching the deer and squirrels in Texas with Jim. Am I turning into a weather wimp?


IMG_3144 (Copy)

Actually, there is real danger here because huge, heavy oak trees, especially if they are leaning, can topple when the ground gets too saturated all at once. I had some major trimming done when I returned home in July and am thankful all of my trees held firm.

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