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I finally got a date for my stress test before surgery. It looks like I’ll be hanging out in Murphys until after Thanksgiving.  Not a negative; there are always tasks to complete. I always figure it is better to be busy than bored.
I’ve seen video snippets about driver-less cars in action, parking themselves, and wowing crowds. It’s for real. And, I was wowed by progressive Governor, Jerry Brown who has asserted California’s place in the future of technology by approving the licensing of driver-less cars. Hey, way to go, Jerry.
Have a look:

Technology never ceases to amaze me. A real gauge of innovation in American business is available in Logistics Magazine. It deals with innovative ways of moving goods around this country; By barge, shuttle, overhead rail, different from anything you are used to seeing. I was impressed with huge multinational corporations cost saving green technologies, as well.  It is economical to use alternative power and helps their bottom line.

I have a hard time finding much good to say about corporations these days. But, behind all the political mess created by Citizens United, there are regular companies, just doing their job, keeping goods moving, employing people, trying innovative ideas and working to keep America and other countries moving forward.  We have a lot to be thankful for.


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