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My Plans Are Changed By A Little Yellow Light…

Jim says:

When I started the motorhome engine yesterday morning, my plans were to have a very pleasant drive along a little used highway about 150 miles to Spartanburg, South Carolina. I was going to spend the night at an American Legion.

However…once I started the engine all the lights went out the way they’re supposed to …except the little yellow ABS warning light. I started the engine another five times hoping the light would go out…nope!

The little yellow light that changed my plans. The red light is my parking brake light.

The Workhorse Chassis Manual says the braking system is made up of two parts. When the yellow light comes on, the manual says it means one portion may not be working properly…the vehicle can still be driven…but drive carefully and get it to a service center asap. Great!

I drove about 60 miles and the light remained lit. No signs of leakage and the brakes seemed to be just fine. As I approached the state capital of Columbia, I stopped and looked up the Workhorse Service Centers online, hoping there would be one in Spartanburg. Nope…just two in the entire state and one happens to be in Columbia.

So, instead of driving on to Spatanburg, I ended up parking under some shade trees behind a shopping center where I spent the night. Oh by the way…yesterday was 90 degrees with about 90% humidity. Yuck!..said the Weather Wimp (that’s the name my life-partner Mary has given me because I gripe whenever the temperature is not within the 65-75 degree range).

The service center is a Chevrolet Dealer about two miles from my overnight parking location. I plan to be at the service center door when they open at 8:00 AM. I’m about 150 miles away from where I need to be to pick up Mary at the Asheville, North Carolina Airport on Tuesday (tomorrow).

If I where just driving on flat land, I would have driven on…however…I’m headed for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and cannot take any chances when it comes to possible brake problems. I’ll let you know what happened in tomorrow’s Blog.

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