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Amesbury & Newburyport, Massachsetts

Jim says:

On another blistering hot and humid day…90 degrees and 95% humidity…we traveled south from our parking place a few miles back into Massachusetts. First through the town of Amesbury located on the Merrimack River we came upon Lowell’s Boat Shop, the oldest continually operating wooden boat building shop/working museum in the United States.

Established in 1793 and cited as the birthplace of the legendary Atlantic fishing dory…a boat no self-respecting fisherman, lobsterman or whaler would put to sea without. It is now a non-profit working museum and National Landmark dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the art and craft of wooden boat building.

When we arrived there on a Sunday morning at 10:00 AM, the shop is not normally open, but Elizabeth Hartnell who works there came by to pick up a few items for a show in Newburyport…our next planned stop. She graciously gave us a brief 20 minute tour/history of the place. She told us that they currently build only about 10 boats a year, but in 1911 the shop produced 2,029 boats in one year and that they are shipped all over the world. We were most pleased to get this wonderful glimpse back into history.

Here are five photos I took while there…


Here’s their official website link…

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link about Lowell’s Boat Shop…

A few short miles later along the Merrimack River we came to the historic seaport of Newburyport. In the blistering heat and humidity we wandered about the scenic town. The highlight of the stop for Mary was a Greek Food Festival. This beautiful 50 foot mural was located on the brick wall of an old building in a narrow alley…surely they could have found a better location!


Here’s a Wikipedia informational link about Newburyport…,_Massachusetts

By 2:00 PM the heat and humidity had gotten to me so we called it a day, so we retreated to the air-conditioning of the Bronco and motorhome and the reading of our books.

To see the other 16 photos I took, click this link…

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