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I love Bernie Sanders because if one man can change the world, he can. I love it that he exposed the musty underbelly of how our corrupt system really fails working Americans and he is game to fix it.

He believes that breaking the law should not be profitable and corporations should not run the country. And, best of all, he brought Americans, sickened by the failure of our government to work for the people, into the fight.

No, he didn’t win the nomination, but we are renewed, we see what needs to be done. He got the dialogue going and he did it without massive pac money. And now we know, that money isn’t the only thing you need to win an election. (He came close.)

We can help him hold Hillary’s feet to the fire so she will feel the “Bern.”Voting for her will protect America from an adolescent bigot who has yet to grow up from his cozy, rich upbringing, and who has yet to make something of his life besides money.

Don’t waste Bernie’s hard work by bowing out. Let’s keep the revolution going. Remember his senatorial work from 2015 when he introduced legislation that would mandate that pharmaceutical companies lose FDA-granted marketing monopolies for their specific drugs if they are involved in illegal activity.  This is a far more effective deterrent against  big pharma who prefers paying their millions in settlements and then go on with illegal, and profitable activities. Ho, hum!  Between 1991 and 2015, they settled 433 cases paying $35 billion total. A drop in the bucket for them.

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