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We call ourselves the Three M’s, that is in Madaline, Michal and Mary. When Michal Houston moved to South Carolina, it seemed as though we would no longer be a trio.  Michal is visiting the West Coast  for an extended stay and we managed to get together. With Michal away, and me on the road so much, it was that much more meaningful that we could connect.

Madaline Krska won her election as Clerk Recorder two years ago and has a bag and sunglasses with her initials on it. Her win didn’t go to her head. She discovered a famous designer who has the same initials. Her best accessory has always been a marvelous smile.

Michal Houston has lived in many places and I was disappointed when she moved to the East Coast.  But, you know, here it is, a year later and we are together and catching up on each others lives. She has the most amazing knack for making friends, a talent developed by being a friend. She can move from Coast to Coast, and on this trip, up to Oregon and back, to Mexico and find friends wherever she roams.

It’s been a tradition to meet at Camps, always share a cocktail or dinner-this time lunch. And who can get enough girl talk?  We spent a happy three hours before it was time to part.

We didn’t change the world, but we cemented our good friendship and promised to meet again.  And, at Camps, we think the waiters are trained to take pictures for their customers.  It was fun, but too short, though nice to know we will do it again.



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