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In Murphys there is an artist who paints old derelict cars. His paintings don’t look anything like these, though. I liked the paintings and regret not buying one of them when I could afford them. Now, they are out of my price range. When we travel about, I tend to photograph these old, forgotten relics of the past and wonder about them.

This old truck is located  in Washington, State. The owner has put new wood on the bed and roof of the cab. It looks like he is going to restore it. I hope so. Maybe Jim and I can go by and check on it this coming summer since we will trip about Washington in 2011.

This poor pick-up sits next to an auto repair place. Not good advertising unless you like growing weeds. It makes a perfect nest for field mice, but the door standing there suggests someone was planning to put it back together, maybe, someday. Sad.

This custom tow truck looks like something right out of the Grapes Of Wrath. We couldn’t find anyone to answer the question, is it under restoration? Does it run?¬† It seemed to beg to get back on the road and thrill the genuine seeker of authentic old vehicles. The tires looked worthy, but, a few weeds indicate it hasn’t been driven recently.

Again, the weeds tell the tail. The tires on this relic are sunburned and peeling. Its says, “no hope!”
But the pick-up below is drivable. It looks dusty and unused, but someone has made it a point to garage it and take care of it. I hope the tow truck ends up with a similar fate. It was my favorite.

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