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The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors is at it again. Two teenage high school girls appeared before the board to ask that April 15th through the 22nd be declared Earth Week. I guess they didn’t do their homework on the word sustainability, as it got maligned at an earlier board meeting. (See my blog of April 1st.) The text of the resolution, drafted by the student organization, explaining the goals of Earth Week, had the line “…a peaceful, just and sustainable world…” According to Supervisor Tom Tryon, a libertarian, in his opinon, using the word “just” means environmental justice. Which, according to him, has a whole agenda around it. Tryon said, “Sustainability, what it has become a term for, in my opinion, is economic stagnation. Sustainability is not about change. Its about having no change.” And, on and on and on about free market capitalism, socialism, the climate change is natural, and bad government. Sometimes I think we vote in idiots.
The rest of the board voted FOR the resolution. And, our tea party guy, Spellman, much to his credit, pointed out that this high school club goes around recycling cans and earning money for their school activities. Thank you Spellman for common sense.
These girls are not exactly opposing capitalism and promoting Marxist socialism. The girls think its about preserving a quality way of life. Spellman recognized these girls and their organization as working together for positive outcomes.
Tom and I have been friendly adversaries for years. I’ll have to ask Tom if he was ever a boy scout.
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