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In mid July, we were treated to the sight of a playful fox in bright daylight. I was unable to load the video until we had a strong enough signal. It takes two minutes to view it if you click on the link below.

Today is moving day. We are headed for Mystic, Connecticut for a few days.
Last night, we said our goodbyes to Donna and Bob where they treated us to thin crust Italian Pizza at Ricardos. When we returned to Dartmouth, Donna presented Jim with a french meat pie she made especially for him, her first effort at meat pie.

The recipe is:
l lb. ground pork shoulder
1 lb. ground beef
2 stalks of celery and
1 onion  chopped fine.
2-3 med. potatoes mashed
2 Tblspns Bells Poultry Seasoning
Ground Clove and salt and pepper to taste.

Saute meat & drain off  fat.
Add chopped vegetables and saute until tender.
Add mashed potatoes and seasonings and mix thoroughly.
Prepare your favorite pie crust for a 10″ pie plate. Load in meat mixture. Add top crust and place foil on the crimped edges to prevent burning. Pierce top crust with fork. Bake at 425* 30 to 35 minutes.


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From Mary’s desk:
Celebrating Jim’s and Wendy’s Anniversary was sweet. This is a couple who have been together for 31 years, married for 19. Wendy’s gift to her husband was a set of Anniversary Cards he had given her over the years, passed around and shared. I was touched by how warm and welcoming they were to me, and comforted by their close family ties. Love radiates, here and its beautiful.

With a newly cleaned and scrubbed motor home, inside and out, we moved on to New Port, RI.  Traveling in New England, Jim’s old stomping grounds,  brings out his New England accent, I notice, and he’s slavering for those favorite foods from “home”. We had steamer clams, Portuguese style, which means the broth is flavored with Chorizo. A sandwich called a “grinder”. Jim can’t wait to visit his favorite Fish and Chips joint, and the best pizza in the “world.” Tomorrow, for sure.
We spent the day looking at New Port’s famous mansions of the rich and notable and then drove another 30 miles to his cousins,  Bob and Donna Parker, in Dartmouth, MA. But, more on that tomorrow, since we’ve almost exceeded our gigabyte limit and we can’t upload a raft of pictures. We have to blog sparsely, but its only temporary.

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