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When Jim arranged to be near an airport I questioned Harlingen? Why drive the whole of Texas to the southernmost tip?. My weather wimp declared this is what they call Winter Texans, where retired Texans like to winter for the heat. Yesterday in the bitter cold we ventured out in the rain to visit the Harlingen Arts and Heritage Cultural Museum. And, yes, I’m poking fun at Jim about the horrible weather.


At the center, the staff was removing their Christmas Extravaganza and the museum exhibits were in temporary storage. The local organizations and businesses trim themed trees for everyone to enjoy for the season. A couple trees hadn’t been dismantled yet and the display must have been spectacular. Open for visitors were three buildings, Harlingen founder, Lon Hill’s house, Paso Real Stage Stop and the old Harlingen Hospital.


Lon Hill moved with ten wagons to this part of the world and built here and settled in and founded the town. The house above was his second house, which is open to the public.


The completely furnished house was quite beautiful.


Notes on various items were attributed to family members who donated stuff for the museum.


I was impressed with how prosperous the Hill family was, considering he was from the approximate same generation as my grandparents who struggled and worked very hard but didn’t live as sumptuously as the hills off the land. Then from one note I learned that Lon brought his slaves with him and it all became quite clear. I tend to forget that Texas was a slave state.


The curator’s told us the next cultural center exhibit would be their yearly quilt show, beginning January 16th. We will miss it, but the Hill house bedrooms had many nice quilts on view besides this crazy quilt. The house was very worth visiting and well done.


Someone rescued the school bell.


The Stage Stop had the most beautiful cash register. Makes one long for the days of such craftsmanship.


The old PBX machine reminded me of my first major job at age 17 working one not much bigger than this. The Stage Stop also served as a telegraph office and post office.


The hospital, like the house was so completely furnished, it made one think they just walked away and left everything in it. A very complete dental office above.


The color blindness test gave me a chuckle.


The eye doctor gave very simple tests, but, glasses were such a precious invention. The optician performed such a needed service for those times. And, I swear the eye chart is the same one used today.


The surgery, cribs, hospital beds, pharmacy, all so complete and well done. So often we see medical items in a museum, but the whole hospital completely furnished is an eye opener. The braces on this wall give evidence of the horrible polio epidemic that struck during my own time.

I’m beginning to rightly own the title of old-timer I suppose, though I certainly don’t feel old. The buildings were unheated and we moved through quickly and on to the grocery store to stock up on things I like to cook. (Jim is a mono eater.) But, I gotta have Greek yogurt, onions, garlic, lentils, lots of veggies and, the spinach souffle I made and the soup for today, heated up the motor home.  Tasted great.

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Don’t Squeeze The Shaman…

stick and it’s attached accessories…that is! Read on…I’ll explain.

Yesterday Mary and I visited the cultural center here in Cortez, Colorado and she outdid herself! She bought a shaman stick…92 inches tall and 32 inches wide!

As always you may left click upon an image to see an enlarged view and then click once again to see an even larger view…

Here she is with skulls and feathers already wrapped for protection…

I begged and pleaded with her…Where are you going to stow it? Please bring it back and get your money back! But no…she was determined to keep it. I’m not going to tell you what she paid for it because you wouldn’t believe it. She said I’ll carry it back home on the airplane…but after a little reflection…she decided she couldn’t do that. Then she said…I’ll ship it home and the two sales gals were laughing aloud as they told her a shipping store was just two blocks away…so off we went with Mary carrying it right along Main Street.

Eight blocks later at the shipping store, she found out it would cost more to ship it, than what she paid for it…she was determined to still ship. Only to find out the box would be larger than UPS or FedEx would accept. To ship it as freight via a truck would be so outrageously expensive even she rejected that idea. So off we went back along Main Street to our awaiting Ford Bronco II. We just managed to get it inside and close the doors. Back to the motorhome we went.

I kept on saying…where are you going to stow it? She kept on saying…I’ll figure something out! When I first Met Mary almost four years ago, her youngest daughter told me…when mom gets her mind made up…don’t even think you are going to get her to change it! This was one of those times she was talking about!

Back at the motorhome she started looking for places to stow it…

Maybe we could hang it from the bedroom ceiling…hmmmm…no that won’t work…

Maybe we could put it in the shower…hmmmmm…no, that won’t work…

After considering several other locations within the motorhome to no avail, it ended up in our largest outside storage compartment. All the while she was shouting at me…don’t squeeze the Shaman…meaning the associated skulls and feathers…

So there it will remain for the about next 1.5 years…thoroughly in my way…until the motorhome returns to her home in California in about October/November of 2013!

By then I really needed a drink. So I went across the street to the bar at the American Legion (where we are parked) and met some real friendly people. Mary eventually joined me and we went out on the back porch overlooking the horseshoe courts…

Soon the horseshoe throwers arrived and the games began. They take their horseshoe throwing very seriously in this part of the country…as though every throw was in a World championship competition…

We had a hamburger while we watched the activities. Then back to the cultural center to see some Indian dancing. Mary wasn’t going to miss that! I’ll show you those photos tomorrow. Today we will move the motorhome to Mesa Verde National Park for a three-day visit. If you don’t hear from us, it means we couldn’t get an Internet signal.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2012
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