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I Have A Face-To-Face Meeting With A Fish That Looks Like An Angel!

Jim says:

For me info about me …see below!

Gloucester & Rockport, Massachusetts

Yesterday was…yup…another hot and humid day! But we headed out anyways to visit Gloucester and Rockport.

First stop was at the Fisherman’s Memorial which commemorates Gloucester Fishermen from 1623 to present. According to the info there nearly 1,000 ships and 5,368 fishermen have been lost at sea during that time.

The Gloucester, Massachusetts Fisherman’s Memorial.

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link about the Fisherman’s Memorial…

These lost fishermen were portrayed in the movie The Perfect Storm.

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link about Gloucester…,_Massachusetts

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link about The Perfect Storm movie…

Next stop was at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center which presents information about the history of Gloucester fishing and related items. It was a very informative place.

Believe it or not…this is the bottom side of a baby Ray fish looking at me from inside the tank!

Here’s the official Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center website link…

Then a stop at the Crow’s Nest for a couple of beers to cool off from the heat and humidity. The barmaid showed us a photo album of pictures taken during the three weeks the film crew hung out there while filming the move…The Perfect Storm.

The Crow’s Nest is the bar where the fishermen portrayed in the movie The Perfect Storm hung out. It is also the place the cast of the movie The Perfect Storm hung out during the three weeks they were in Gloucester.

Here’s the official Crow’s Nest website link…

Next to the Rocky Neck Art Colony in East Gloucester.There are 37 art galleries here. Mary was in her glory here because she just loves art galleries!

Rocky Neck in East Gloucester is America’s oldest working art colony.

Here’s the official Rocky Neck Art Colony website link…

Last stop was in the scenic town/harbor of Rockport. Home of Motif#1. While there we enjoyed a nice meal in an air-conditioned restaurant overlooking the harbor. Mary also bought a freshly cooked lobster that she brought back to the motorhome. Then she ate the whole thing!

Motif #1 is a world-famous art and photography image.

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link about Rockport…,_Massachusetts

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link about Motif #1…

To see the other 44 photos I took, clock this link…

By time we returned to the motorhome at American Legion Post #113 in Manchester there was a wonderful brisk breeze and the humidity started to come down which made for a delightful evening.

Today we will transit around Boston on Massachusetts Route 128 and arrive in New Bedford once again for the largest Portuguese Feast in the world which runs through the weekend. It’s a lousy job…but somebody’s got to do it! 🙂

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