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Some people have a bad hair day. At least, its a temporary condition. 

For me, its bad feet- not temporary. Since enduring an ankle replacement 10 years ago, my feet are very particular about what they are wearing. Friday and Saturday, I visited good friends in the Bay Area and worked a few hours at the Archive. On the way home I bought a pair of shoes. Extreme for me, bright red athletic shoes. Athletic is just an affectation of the ad men. What we used to called tennis shoes or gym shoes,  have become the norm for everyday wear. Truth be told, they are comfortable.

Extreme shoes can be found at Nordstroms and other retailers you wouldn’t expect. Major designers have gotten into extreme shoe designs. Ankle breakers are dangerously  uncomfortable. A pair tossed one model off the runway at a famous fashion show a couple years back.  But they  fascinate me. Here are some I’ve recently found on-line.

These remind me of the Chinese bound feet.

Is there an art shoes trend?

These look more like a deadly weapon, women’s self defense. I would question if a woman could even stand up on these stilettos.

These two pairs were obviously meant to be worn.

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