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Yesterday, we returned to Vivian Alexander. It may be the only time we’ve returned to a place after blogging it.  I wanted to tempt myself into buying more Fabrage and I did. I signed up for their Easter, Mard Gras and Christmas eggs which are mailed to you at the appropriate time of year. They are signed and numbered. Above, Alex explained the holder he uses while working on an egg.

DSC03862 (Copy)

I saw things I didn’t see the day before. These eggs in process hanging from a shelf, looking as though they are drying.

DSC03863 (Copy)

And these beauties hanging above Liza’s work space.

DSC03864 (Copy)

Like stained glass, an enameled dragon fly hangs in a window.

DSC03865 (Copy)

And then Liza showed me a hat she had made for a costume party. I did not recognize what it was trying to convey until she explained it. You can spot a cricket, some leaves, a worm, a lady bug…?

DSC03866 (Copy)

From the top, you can see the banana skin. And now I will tell you, she went as a compost pile. I laughed because I’m an avid composter at home and because it was so clever. She loves her garden and I love mine, too. One of the things I miss on the road. But no one has more fun than Jim and I and we make compromises for our life style. Liza also put us in touch with another master craftsman that we will visit later today.

When I first met Alex, we talked some about silvering his eggs which put me in mind of  my good friend Dr. Robert Coleman,  a silversmith, goldsmith, enameler, painter, sculptor. He always joked that he had a PHD in silversmithing but he made more money in making papier-mache birds. He died last year and I didn’t  realize I had never taken his picture. But I did photograph some of his jewelry and birds. IMG_2778 - Copy (Copy)


Bobadoc Jewelry


Made by a friend of the family

This piece was not actually his work. He traded with a fellow craftsman.  I took these photos because I loved doing it. It was before I knew what a blog was. I’m so glad I did.

IMG_2781 - Copy (Copy)

The hands of his wife Margaret Mary Coleman. Her favorite rings.Peg (Coleman) Harrold's Jewelry

These pieces were made by his daughter Peggy Harrold. My favorite piece of hers is the persimmon.IMG_2691 (Copy)

This is one of thousands of papier-mache birds he made signed BOBADOC.

In the afternoon, we packed up my treasures and shipped them to my house. I will fly out on the 12th and we are feeling the tug of separation. Jim is kind of hunkering back into his life alone, preferring quiet places to busy places. We are extending our stay at this spot because it is so peaceful. I will return to design a new place for my flooded mobile and take care of taxes. I’m fortunate to have a son who is a master carpenter and worked as a construction supervisor before he hurt himself. He will supervise and assist the building project.

I get to design my new place, but the building won’t take place until summer.


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Our family reunions tend to be long affairs, as much as we can put into a long weekend-plus. And, families can include lifelong friends as well as relatives we’ve learned over the years.
Ken, his wife Laurie, three teens and two dogs left Las Vegas at  4 A.M. and arrived around three P.M. Thursday. Over 9 hours of driving with a couple of rest stops.

Consider totally jet lagged Romain Chemiere, who flew from his native France to Las Vegas and arrived Wednesday. He slept most of the day and evening June 30th, only to be loaded into a car with my son’s family for a long road trip yesterday. He is the son of Catherine (Carre) Chemiere. She is the AFS sister to my youngest daughter Virginia.
Romain will spend a month with  family members in the US.

Grandson Stewart was hep. He brought his uke and guitar, so we are in for a treat. He and his brother are both credible musicians.

Son Ken did most of the driving and was stifling yawns and struggling to stay awake.

Makes you wonder if  dogs suffer jet lag? Probably not. They just seem to go with the flo. They do bark, however, but this pregnant doe browsed the weedy side yard for a snack when all was a bit quiet.

Deer are pretty common visitors, but the night before, we determined we had a noisy, growling, grunting bear in the yard. Possibly two. Couldn’t see  clearly in the dark, to be certain. A neighbor dog inspected the yard with his hackles up for several minutes in the morning. And, every dog in the neighborhood was sounding an alarm. They’ve been spotted nearby. Its the time of year before the wild blackberries ripen, my orchard isn’t fruiting either. Its their hungriest time. They like the compost pile and other succulent plants. We just have to hope they don’t like dogs for snacks.

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This little fox had a partner and they both decided to visit my compost bin about 7:00 a.m. this morning. They are quick as shadows and blitzed out of sight whenever they detected a slight movement from the window. I did manage to get this little one before she dashed for the brush, ears alert, listening for danger. I guess I’ll never get beyond the thrill of seeing something wild and beautiful in my yard.

Of course, that includes flowers. These tulips are just opening and stepping into their rightful beauty. Since I have only days left in Murphys before I hit the road again, I can enjoy these lovelies. Along with the bleeding hearts and columbine in the garden.

I’ve had several iris bloom and hopefully I’ll get to see my favorites come out before I leave.

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