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Mendocino, California

First thing yesterday morning Mary and I traveled the about 10 miles from Fort Bragg to Mendocino, California. It’s a very scenic village on the central California coast. One of my primary reason for wanting to visit Mendocino is that one of my favorite comedy movies…The Russians Are Coming!… was mostly filmed here. In that respect…I ended up disappointed as there was little to be found from the movie released 45 years ago in 1966. My goodness…where have those 45 years gone????

Here’s a Wikipedia link about the movie…,_the_Russians_Are_Coming

I did manage to find a field where a scene was shot. The only remaining building I managed to find was the Presbyterian Church…

Mary however…was in her glory visiting all the art and jewelery galleries. Here are some of the other photos I took. You may click on them to see an enlarged view…

To see the other 29 photos that I took…click this link…

Mary called Mendocino a hipp1e village as there were a number of younger people with long shaggy unwashed hair, backpacks, etc… Here’s a Wikipedia link about Mendocino…,_California

After completing our four hours walking around the village…we then drove the motorhome an additional 67 miles to Cloverdale, California where we spent the night at Thousand Trails Russian River RV Resort.

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