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Around the pool yesterday morning, everyone was talking about the circus Thousand Trails booked in for the Labor Day Weekend. They talked about the head honcho, a guy in an electric wheelchair, who has put this thing on the road for 52 years. An amazing feat in itself.  He told me that today’s circus kids are an off-shoot of the gymnastics craze. Not everyone can go to the Olympics and be a standout, but the circus…well you will see the  talent at work.

I’m taking a break from my China Trip of 2006 to acquaint you with the Wenatchee Youth Circus because it is a great venue, and because I have two personal connections to the circus.  Earlier this year, two of my grandsons attended a circus camp and I was quite impressed with the program and the head honcho there who started this camp in Mendocino County, California over 50 years ago. He dresses as a clown and gets around in an electric wheel chair.  You know what I’m thinking, don’t you?  This has to be the same outfit.  But, it was not.

This little youth circus has a fire-eater, and that is my second connection to circus.  My great-aunt Mitzi was a sword swallower and fire-eater in the circus during the 1920’s and 30’s.  She said they practically starved to death, sometimes surviving on leftover popcorn or bread and gravy when money was thin. But enough!  Wenatchee kids are from 3 years to 18 years in age. The fire-eater was tearful because after 9 years with the circus, this was her very last performance. She also does high wire.

The day was so bright and sunny, we were truly in point and shoot mode and hoped we’d get something on camera. The three-year old is probably one of the children of an adult associated with the circus. There are plenty of adults around to make sure the kids don’t get hurt. But, the kids are fearless, well-practiced and impressive performers.

The high wire acts, (and they were numerous) were by the book, the standard acts you see in all circuses on professionally rigged  high wires.

Billy and Amanda. Billy does tumbling, high wire, flying trapeze, swings and  just about every thing in the line-up. He is one of the top talents.

Here he is on the top of the free-standing ladders. The strong man is in the middle.

Billy  again, on the high wire as part of the wheel barrow. These kids performed five or six different difficult feats, sitting on a chair, walking a bike rim, stopping mid wire, performing, and getting back up to a standing position on the wire. Great strength and coordination is a must.

Billy is also a flyer. The catcher is Brendan, an 18-year-old who also retires from the circus this year to enter college. This circus is a non-profit, supported by grants and donations, but what a marvelous youth experience, responsibility, hard work, team work, sharing  living quarters, all ages. It’s a given that these kids have a one-up on their peers from working the circus.

No act is too small. They start out as clowns, they learn balance, how to fall, timing, to entertain and graduate to more strenuous feats.

And, a final bow.

You can read a bit about the circus on the following website:

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The Biggest Little Circus In The World…

is what they call themselves. In their 59th season they are also known as the Wenatchee ( a city in Washington State where they maintain their headquarters) Youth Circus…and this weekend they performed three shows here at our current camping spot at Thousand trails RV Resort in Bow, Washington.

The troupe consists of about 50 members ranging in age from 3 to 18. Their season runs from late May to early September. Yesterday Mary and I with about 250 others watched their final performance for the season under a brilliant sunny day with an afternoon temperature of 79 degrees.

I took lots of photos…but unfortunately our seats had us facing west looking…more or less…directly in the direction of the afternoon sun…so photography was very difficult at best. Here are four photos…

On the way to the circus I spotted the top of Mount Baker in the distance…

The circus area…

The circus truck…

Finally here’s Mary with two of the performers…the girl is only eight years old…

Because the sun made photography so very difficult…plus I had to stay in my seat which also restricted my photography efforts…instead I’m going to give you a link below from the Memorial Day Weekend at another Thousand Trails location here in Washington. By clicking on this link you will get a much closer-up view of the performers…

I hope you enjoyed the photos. The young people were really great!

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