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Christmas cards trend toward themes. Popular at one time are replicas of old-fashioned cards. So familiar are Currier and Ives, small snowy towns, people sledding through the snow. This one is a famous painting and charming. (Not Currier and Ives.)

DSC05890 (Copy)

This is also a painting. The clothing shows the affluence these children enjoyed, reflecting their times.

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A famous Madonna painting. There are so many beautiful paintings of the Madonna in museums all over the world and many of them are replicated on Christmas Cards.

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What would Christmas be without an angel?

DSC05904 (Copy)

Or thoughts of peace and good will?

DSC05913 (Copy)

Also from a painting, these happy children playing in the snow.

DSC05906 (Copy)

A more contemporary vision of children playing in the snow.

DSC05911 (Copy)

Something warm and fuzzy.

DSC05912 (Copy)

This is my favorite. It much reflects the era of my childhood. The kids of all ages, a couple of them playing on the floor, the boy reading in his socks with his feet up on a book, apples on the tree, showing your treasures to grandpa. The homey pictures on the bureau. The girls are wearing those awful long stockings I hated so much growing up in a winter clime.

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A touch of humor. Birds, animals and nature play heavily on Christmas cards.

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This one is such a sweet tickle. It also shows another tradition; we decorate and light up trees in our yards.

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Famous artists lend their skills to a Christmas card.

DSC05918 (Copy).DSC05916 (Copy)


DSC05924 (Copy).

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A Christmas tree can be almost anything.

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I read in Smithsonian where it took a long time for Christmas trees to catch on. Now, a Christmas never goes by without a card with a Christmas tree of some kind on it.


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I liked this lovely message. Some are old worn out clich├ęs.

DSC05920 (Copy)

Christmas caroling is something not many people do anymore, but Christmas has its own special music, evolving year by year. But the old songs never go away.

DSC05926 (Copy)

A popular song clings to us for years and here we see a popular song in this card, “…the partridge in a pear tree.”

DSC05922 (Copy)

A Christmas card can be whatever you make it. And here I have to salute a local artist, Bambi Papais. She and her sister Judie are both terrific artists admired and locally renowned. So with that in mind, I hope you’ve enjoyed my rummage through my box of Christmas cards from 1992.

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DSC05921 (Copy).

DSC05905 (Copy).

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Happy holidays.


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