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As we…the United States of America continue to send all of our jobs and money to China…we’re also sending them something else of ours…the RVing lifestyle. Just yesterday my Blog posting identified how motorhomes in the U.S. are smaller and less flashy than just a few years ago.

Here’s the link from China Times…

Makes me wonder when this country is going to wake up. Must we wait until there are no more jobs and all are homeless?

The United States is such a beautiful country. It’s truly sad what the politicians have done to it! 😦

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China Rolls Out Homes On Wheels

At this time I’m just hanging out enjoying the nice weather at Thousand Trails Thunderbird RV Resort in  Monroe, Washington. About one month ago I wrote several Blogs entries about this beautiful park. If you are interested, they are easy to find.

Since nothing unusual is happening to write about, I thought I share another interesting RV story with you..

You can read about it by clicking this link…

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I got these pictures from an email. Now, tell me, would you driver your family over this OMIGOD bridge?

I think Jim and I should haul one of these behind the motor home in case we have a fight. I can send him to the “doghouse” for the night.

I’m glad Jim is a do-it-yourself kind of guy. Hey, when you are in a fix, just fix it yourself.

Do you think the Highway Patrol would stop this load as unsafe? How did that guy get on top of that load of papers anyway?

When I look at these, I wonder what happens if the cow decides to move. It doesn’t look like it’s tied down, nor comfortable.

If the sheep bolts….? There is two of them. That guy has to be strong.

This is what used to happen here before we had OSHA. (Occupational safety laws.)

Gotta get that refrigerator home somehow.

Can’t we get one more person on?  Of course, I’m poking fun, but, its truly innovative how these people from poorer countries manage to make the most of their resources. Not safe, nor recommended, but admirable even so. Especially the loads the Chinese manage on bikes. Incredible.

Load hauling at its most economic

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My friend Ron sent me an email with pictures of this “Big Load” moving on public roadways. 

For the past few weeks, a “super heavy” load has been making its way from Hardeeville SC, enroute to Boiling Springs NC. It is a large electric generator destined for a clean coal power plant. The generator weighs in at 1.98 million pounds and isn’t something you just jump on an interstate freeway with and truck it on down the road.
The whole thing kind of made me wonder how the Chinese would move this big generator. Since I visited China and saw how they use more manpower than machine power, even in their road building efforts, this gargantuan project made me curious. I remember people carried huge loads on their bicycles, tricycles and small motors. It was very interesting and I took many pictures but none as good as this series that I received in an email.

Tires are really quite easy to stack. And moving a ladder with a bike (in the background) is nothing. But, just try it.

This guy doesn’t even have the advantage of a bike. He has to keep moving. No one in China thinks a thing of a load like this. Its very common.

It doesn’t matter what you have to carry, if it stacks, it moves.

Stacking is an art in this country.

A great place to visit.

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I Thought It Was A Tornado!

Jim says:

It was very loud…It felt like it shook the house…It seem to last a long time!

Those were the feelings I experienced yesterday morning just about this time. Mary and I were both doing our computer duties in the quiet hours before daylight. I was reading about the tornado that happened in Arizona the day before yesterday, when from out of nowhere came this very loud CRASHING…that was shaking the entire house. A tornado here????

The sound originated a mere four feet behind me as Mary’s 50-year-old China set came crashing to her tile floor and for a few brief seconds it felt as if the house was collapsing! I suppose it was the reading of the Arizona tornado at the moment of the big crash that made a brief connection in my mind. I’ve never been in a tornado, but it was just the same feeling I imagined a tornado would seem like.

Mary’s 50-year-old china set was a wedding present from her mother.

It all goes back to Mary’s philosophy of life of “Bite off more than you can chew!”. Mary is famous for putting 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound sack. In this case it was put 100 pounds of China on a 50 pound shelf! She believes the China set was on that shelf for 33 years, but it finally gave up carrying the overload.

In other news…
yesterday it was mostly cloudy and the temp only got to 61 degrees and I got to finish washing the outside of our motorhome. It was a big job and it was really dirty. It’s nice to have it clean again. The cleaning process of cleaning the inside and the outside storage compartments will continue in days to come.

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Home On The Road (From China Daily)

I did not realize there are RV’s in China.

Click the link to read the story…

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