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The Motor-Home Theater Is Now Operational…

Three days ago I discussed the fact that Mary and I had agreed to up date the TV in the motorhome and that her youngest son Doug, a master carpenter, was fabricating a new frame on which to mount this TV. If you missed the Blog entry…here’s the link…


He returned yesterday with a beautiful new oak frame and together he and I spent a couple of hours carefully mounting the TV to the back of the frame. Here’s a photo of how it attached to the frame…

Here’s the final installation with the unit in place. I popped in a Tom Cruise movie for a short test run…

The new TV combined with the previously installed six-channel surround-sound system now allows us a home theater experience while out on the open road. If you are curious about the details of our new TV…here’s the informational link from LG…

The LG brand uses the initials LG to indicate…Life’s Good. Looking at out new installation…I’d say Looks Good!

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How Do I Mount This Thing???

A few days back I indicated we have decided to upgrade the TV in the motorhome. After thorough research on the Internet…we decided on a 26″LG Lcd Led TV.

We are replacing this seven year-old behemoth monster that is 20 inches deep and weighs a whopping 58.4 pounds…

That came out of this gaping hole…

With this TV that is 1.6 inches deep…weighs only 11 pounds and was designed to either sit on a table or mount on a wall…

I usually like to do my own work. But I know when I’m over my head (do not possess the skills) and do not have the proper tools to do a job.

That’s when I turn to the experts. In this case it’s Mary’s youngest son Doug who is a master carpenter. When he first looked at the project last Friday…he came up with the idea of mounting it on the back of the existing frame…which I must admit was a good idea. However when he arrived yesterday he informed us he had re-considered the problem and decided to build a new frame instead of using the old frame. Here he is doing just that…

He left for home…taking the new frame with him…indicating he needed to blunt/round sharp edges, sand and stain it. He said he’d be back in a couple of days.

In the meantime I’ve gone ahead and re-run all of the wiring connections and tested them to make sure I’ve routed them properly. Once Doug returns we’ll install everything…hopefully with no problems. Combined with our six-channel surround system we will soon be enjoying a home theater experience in the motorhome.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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I’ve been away for a couple days, working at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Archive. Some years back, we rescued an old Guard Tower that was slated to be demolished. My son Doug, a carpenter, working in the Bay Area, rebuilt that guard tower with his own and a friend’s volunteer labor. In fact, he is always doing something for somebody else.
Sunday night, Doug came whooshing into the driveway about 7:00 p.m., set up shop tools on his tailgate and proceeded to do some measuring and cutting for some of Jim’s installations on the motor home. He has been working out of town and had a limited amount of time. I marveled at his professional skills. He measured and cut, moving quickly back and forth between the motor home and his tailgate, chattering away as he worked, playing catch-up with his recent activities while racing to get the job done before dark. We sometimes take our kids for granted and I’m so grateful for his talents. He built the two story house I’m living in when he was only 26 years old, the first house that he built all by himself. He has built many custom homes since, then. He has been a carpenter for over 25 years now and has a serious back injury. His doctor considers him disabled but he refuses to be disabled and continues to work, although he has to be more selective about his tasks, especially lifting.
He is camera shy and hates to have his picture taken; he doesn’t read my blog nor do much on the computer, but, I’m proud to declare how proud I am of him and his pride in his workmanship and his maturity and his helpfulness to others.
A loyal friend, and wonderful son, he maintains my rentals and is always doing things for me. Even better, he has a great sense of humor. Thanks, Doug
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