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Somehow, I always think of Anacortes and La Conner as being somehow related. As the crow flies they are about 15 miles apart. Anacortes is on Fidalgo Island and La Conner is on the mainland. Both towns near the water. La Conner is on the Swinomish Channel. Both have art and friendliness in common. But, my most vivid memories of La Conner is of Dirty Biter and their quilt museum.

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How can you not like a place that makes a statue and names a park for a stray dog with a broken jaw.

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I had to blog it again. You don’t come across a story like this very often.

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Like I said, it’s a pretty town, festooned with petunias, lots of eclectic shops and great eating places. As, most men will agree, it is a girl-thing to “window shop”. Yes, I love it. And, those petunias thrive in the humidity and rain. So beautiful. At my house I curse them for being water hogs, high maintenance plants that don’t give as much as they ask. I know, I’ve sinned for being ungrateful, but I’ll never own another petunia.

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I was attracted into The Stall, a shop that specializes in folk art clothing, jewelry and home decor.DSC08251 (Copy)

Everything is so colorful.

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I liked this but you have to be tall to wear it.


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Next stop, Earthenworks. Painted tables, sculpture, painted wooden curiosity pieces.

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This marvelous glass piece.

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The rendering of a common object from recycled junk never fails to fascinate and entertain me. Look, a screwdriver, parts of a broken retractable measuring tape, a childs alphabet block, dice, golf tees & pencils…too fun. Earthenworksgallery has a website.

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If you need a lamp, why not make it a piece of art as well. To me, it is worth paying more for its artistic appeal as well as usefulness.

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We brushed by a tea shop with a set-up outside with real flowers.


Amaryllis had a clever broom-head model outside. Like I said, it is a touristy town.

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We stepped into the Caravan Gallery of La Conner, a collection of global crafts and jewelry.  They are fair trade.

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The shop owner introduced me to Ganesh, the Hindu God. Shiva cut off his son’s head when he was disguised and when he realized what he’d done, he restored him to life and gave him the head of the first animal that crossed his path, an elephant. He had a broken tusk so you always see Ganesh with a broken tusk. I’m planning a trip to India so I’m soaking up everything about the country I can.

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More about La Conner tomorrow. We are not moving about as much as we usually do.




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