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Barbar Grogan, Madelaine Krska,Patty ?

We call ourselves girls, as in girl friends, girls night out. I guess when we are 90 we’ll still be girls. Girlfriends are the best, we decided.  Barbara Grogan, Madelaine Krska and Patti Johansen, are from north county. It was touch and go as a fire had the road between San Andreas and Angels Camp closed for a while. They got through and we gratefully hoisted our drinks, and nibbled on appetizers on the patio while the band set up.

DSC06952 (Copy)

We moved inside to listen to the music and chat. Madelaine talked to Bob Leemans during a break. Men Of Worth will be playing Camps for over a month of weekends, so if you want to catch them, go for it. Their singer is in his eighties and still has a powerful voice. He is a former musical arranger for a host of Hollywood greats, now retired and living in Sonora. We didn’t dance, but others took to the floor.

DSC06951 (Copy)

Barb, Maddie and Patti are old friends of Laurie and Bob Leemans.  Laurie decided to attend her husband’s gig another night. Barbara and I did a fair amount of people watching. A table near us had a couple who couldn’t see any one else but each other in the room. We chuckled a bit. Been there done that in another life. Before leaving Barbara got a hug from Bob.

DSC06955 (Copy)

Patti took advantage of Mark Twain’s sculpture at Camps Restaurant and Bar entrance,  and hugged him before we left. The sculptor captured Twain’s  rascally personality.  It was nice to step out with friends and get someone to commiserate with me on my car.

DSC06954 (Copy)

We left just as the sun was setting. No matter how busy life gets, friends, music and time away, the perfect solution to off-set the day’s tribulations.

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We call ourselves the Three M’s, that is in Madaline, Michal and Mary. When Michal Houston moved to South Carolina, it seemed as though we would no longer be a trio.  Michal is visiting the West Coast  for an extended stay and we managed to get together. With Michal away, and me on the road so much, it was that much more meaningful that we could connect.

Madaline Krska won her election as Clerk Recorder two years ago and has a bag and sunglasses with her initials on it. Her win didn’t go to her head. She discovered a famous designer who has the same initials. Her best accessory has always been a marvelous smile.

Michal Houston has lived in many places and I was disappointed when she moved to the East Coast.  But, you know, here it is, a year later and we are together and catching up on each others lives. She has the most amazing knack for making friends, a talent developed by being a friend. She can move from Coast to Coast, and on this trip, up to Oregon and back, to Mexico and find friends wherever she roams.

It’s been a tradition to meet at Camps, always share a cocktail or dinner-this time lunch. And who can get enough girl talk?  We spent a happy three hours before it was time to part.

We didn’t change the world, but we cemented our good friendship and promised to meet again.  And, at Camps, we think the waiters are trained to take pictures for their customers.  It was fun, but too short, though nice to know we will do it again.



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Mary, Madalaine and Michal, the Three M’s did Camps.  We M’s are long time friends and since Michal and I do a good deal of traveling, we don’t have much time together.  We celebrated at Camps last year where they have good food and drinks.  So now, its a tradition. The bartender here is known  for her delicious Bloody Marys.
Her Bloody Marys may require a chemistry degree, but we didn’t ask. Yum!

Every year Camps has a quilt show of local quilters at Greenhorn Creek. Quilts are normally built on straight lines, but this quilt declares it has NO straight lines. It makes an interesting interpretation of Christmas trees in the snow. Its based on the Dr. Seuss story How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Cindy Lou Who. An original by Tamara Leberer.

A touch of beading and the inventive circular quilting give it cache.

A Geometric Wonder, designed and quilted by Donna Coll caught everyone’s eye draped over the fireplace mantle.

Cutie Cats have colorful buttons, catty footprints, catty materials and was a fun subject made by Shera Winter.

Beautifully embroidered with dragonflies, humming birds, flowers and butterflies by Kathy Jayne.

We M’s liked the Hawaiian print wall hanging above, all hand done by Karen Beeding.

Maddie and Michal don’t quilt, but they appreciate them. I understand the work that goes into a cathedral window pattern above, but we all chose as our favorite, the Poppy Wall hanging by Tamara Leberer.

The picture doesn’t begin to show what work and creative shading is involved in this piece made from very small, some less than a quarter inch wide square and oblong pieces. Lovely.

Sheryl greeted us at the door and later modeled the shoulder wrap or “furniture jewelry” by Tamara Leberer. I had never heard that term before but realized how apt it is. I do the same thing, drape something pretty over a chair or table.
Tamara is a professional. She does machine quilting for others and many of the quilts in this exhibit were machine worked by Tamara. Quilting is an art and an obsession for some people. Beauty is the result.

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