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Yesterday, I had appointments and shopping to do. As a blogger I’ve become more observant of everything I do and thus  enjoy using my camera for slice-of-life shots or curiosities like  this hand decorated car parked next to mine at the eye doctor. Not sure what Stay down wit da clown means?At the grocery store, I was attracted by the bright red hair and the affectionate pose.

I visited a friend who was recently hospitalized.

His life has been shortened by an insect bite that led to multiple problems from flesh-eating bacteria;  a weakened heart and other maladies.  I enjoy visiting him every time I return home because he always has a smile,  a quip and a twinkle in his eyes.

When I returned to the house, I saw something…

I zoomed out to this…

And zoomed out again…

…to here.  My upstairs neighbor was bringing this picture to the thrift store.  I was trying for the affect my grandson described in the book, Zoom. Not exactly an impressive set of photos. I quickly realized what  a difficult method reverse zoom can be. One must find the perfect situation to make it work. Maybe next time.

But, if you notice the rusted gold pan in the above photo leaning against the garage wall?

Would you have recognized it from this close-up?


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Grandson, Theo, was requesting a monopoly game, a game I dislike.  He settled for a “camera assignment.” I asked him to choose from three colors, blue, red and yellow and go outside and take pictures of (he chose red), red items  on his short street.

He is nine years old and did very well. I always learn something from my Grandson’s. He had read a library book  called Zoom, in which a photo is reversed from close up to far away, showing for example  a roosters comb, then the rooster, then the barn where the rooster lived, people looking in the barn, the magazine the picture of the barn etc. was on, a person reading the magazine, the chair he was sitting in and so on. Hmmm. Intriguing and challenging.

So he took this photo:

which is part of his:

slip on Croc.

Later in the day we visited my sister’s grandson, Jeff and great grandson, CJ.

And, I forgot my camera and had to steal this photo from facebook.

We did manage games after dinner. We settled on  Bananagrams and Quiddler instead, both  fast moving and can reasonably be played by all ages. But, now I know I have to try a “zoom” assignment.


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Up On the Roof…

Have you ever wondered what’s up on the roof of an RV?

Most likely you haven’t…But…just in case you have…here’s your chance to find out. RV roofs tend to be similar. I took this photo a couple of days ago while cleaning the roof on our motorhome. You may click to the photo to enlarge it. The below numbers describe the item…

1- A 360 degree television antenna for receiving over the air television signal. We never use it. I could remove it…but it’s not bothering anyone so I let it alone.

2- XM Radio antenna which allows us 24 hour a day commercial free music.

3- Antenna for electronic signal amplifier for cell phone and Internet signals.

4- Kitchen area roof vent.

5- Refrigerator vent.

6- Air conditioner.

7- Air flow rotating vent which extracts odors from black and gray waste-water tanks.

8- Solar panel which allows us to get electricity from the sun.

9- Rear view camera and antenna which transmits the signal to a monitor in the driver’s cockpit area.

10- Bathroom vent.

11- Translucent plastic cover which allows light to enter the shower in the bathroom.

12- The ladder which allows access to the roof.

There…I bet knowing this information will help you sleep better tonight. Your welcome!  🙂

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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A Harsh Mid-Day Sun Is…

among the worst of conditions a photographer can face because of the heavy contrast created between the direct sunlight and shadows. It was with that thought in mind that Mary and I headed out on a 1.5 hour walk around our campground. Both of us armed with our new Sony DSC HX5V Digital Cameras…we decided to use the Intelligent Auto Adjustment setting which chooses from eight different scene selection options and automatically chooses the right setting and camera shooing adjustments…and let it do its thing. With only minor touch-up in Picasa 3…here are some of the results…

First a 180 degree panorama of the Olympic-sized pool which in reality is rectangular but ends up distorted in the panorama function…

We wandered around the campground and wooded trails and came away with these photos…

And finally…I caught Mary doing some “creative photography”…

Considering the harsh lighting conditions and minimal thinking on my part…I’m most pleased with yesterday’s test photos.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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It’s Been A Busy 58 Days…

since Mary left me to return to CA for two high school graduations, a family reunion and general business associated with her home and rental units. This time apart was part of our agreement when we got together approaching three years ago. She has left me several times…but this has been our longest separation since we’ve been together. I’ll meet her in Burlington this evening when she’ll arrive via the shuttle service from SeaTac Airport.

In the time she’s been gone…I’ve stayed plenty busy. I’m an ex-engineer and tend to do a lot of research before I undertake a project or commit to major financial expenditures. Here are some of the things that have kept me busy since Mary has been away…

Despite his working a 60 hour work-week at his place of employment in Monroe…I got my friend and cracker-jack mechanic Mike to put in 12 hours of preventative maintenance on my Ford Bronco II. I was his assistant and gofer. In this photo he is replacing brake pads and hoses as well as greasing the front wheel bearings…

Through friends of Mike I managed to meet a professional body man who put in 12 hours cleaning up the Bronco II very nicely…

I combined and upgraded Mary and my memberships in Thousand Trails RV Resorts into an elite Membership…

Upgraded our motorhome modem and router to Verizon 4G speed…

Bought a new Sony Digital camera…

Bought a new Sony Vaio computer…

Replaced a defective rear view camera on the motorhome…

And got video-interviewed by…

So…I’ve not been bored while Mary was away. All of these above activities will hopefully contribute to a lot of many more enjoyable days and miles on the road!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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A Different Kind Of Camera…

A few Blog entries back I identified that I had just bought a new Sony Cyber-Shot DSC 4X5V Digital Camera. This story is about a different kind of Sony Camera…part of a Rear View Camera System on our motorhome

You may also remember prior to that… I identified that while on my way to my current camping site at Thousand Trails Mount Vernon RV Resort in Bow, Washington…that the rear view camera on the motorhome quit working.

When you  drive a big square box on wheels you have restricted ability to see what’s going on behind you as you go down the road. What you can see in your rear view mirrors is all you can see. Our towed Ford Bronco II cannot be seen when driving in a straight line. The answer to that problem is a rear view camera system. It provides me with a great deal of comfort that I can see that all is okay with the Bronco while driving down the highway.

Some motorhomes come factory equipped with this type of camera system…ours did not. So when we bought the motorhome in 2009 I decided I really preferred to see what’s going on behind me…and decided to install an after-market rear view camera system. In the below photo…the little black thing above the center red running light above the word Fleetwood…that’s the camera that sends a live video signal to a 7 inch monitor in the drivers area. That’s the unit that quit working.

Here’s a closer view. The camera allows me to see the towed Ford Bronco II as well as vehicles approaching from the rear. It also is a great visual aid when backing into a camping spot. It helps me avoid backing into the picnic table, trees, etc…a most helpful use!

After contacting the vendor… about my problem…they evaluated that the camera was the most likely culprit. So that meant I had to get up there and check all the electrical connections to ensure they were all secure…

Once satisfied that all the electrical connections were fine…the next step was to check that the infrared LED was lit. Nope…it wasn’t. That confirmed the camera was not working. Even though the camera was out of warranty…the made me a fair deal for a replacement camera. It showed up a few day later. Once it did I made a very interesting discovery. In the below photo you can see the old camera on the left and the new one on the right. If you look carefully…you can see what I discovered. The new one has a rubber sealant applied over the four screws and where the back plate attaches to the main body. The old unit somehow made it out of the factory without any rubber sealant.

How was I supposed to know that? I remember looking at the unit when I received it in 2009…remembering the vendor’s claim that it was weather-resistant. I guessed they must have installed a rubber gasket inside the unit. Wrong! 2-3 months back I grew suspicious when the camera developed condensation on the inside of the protective glass and I could not see anything in the monitor despite knowing that the camera was operational. So…up on the roof I went. I carefully opened the unit and cleaned/dried the condensation. All was well once again…or so I thought…until the camera quit during a hard rain on my way here…which brings me back to the beginning of this story.

4UCam has been just really terrific about this situation. When I emailed them about the lack of sealant problem they were most apologetic indicating that they did not manufacture the unit…but they would refund the money I paid them for the replacement unit while they took up the matter with their supplier.

If you are in the market for a vehicle camera system…you cannot go wrong with looking at …they have great customer service and are willing to stand behind their products. Most unusual in today’s money-greedy business world. As part of their apologies to me…they are willing to offer a $10 credit refund…simply by mentioning my name…Jim Jaillet…when you purchase a new full camera system.

Other than this minor problem…which was not the fault of…I’ve been most happy with this camera system and their customer service. They are definitely a Good-Guy Company!

In yesterday’s Blog entry I discussed that it helps to be technically minded when being an RVer. This story is a perfect illustration. The two hours I spent evaluating and replacing the unit would have cost us $250…plus the mark-up on the replacement unit price.

Instead of giving that money to a technician to do the job…we get to put that money in the gas tank…a much more agreeable use for that money!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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