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My daughter-in-law and I trekked to Chico, about  three hours north of us, to visit friends and family. Laurie has a 91-year-old aunt in nearby Hamilton, and my 80-year-old sister is staying with her daughter in nearby Durham.  We gassed up in Valley Springs before leaving and I took a picture of this “only in America” truck. How high can you go?  The kid driving it told me he drives out in the hills with it and likes high clearance.

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Our first stop was Durham, 25 minutes from Chico, where my sister, who is recuperating from lung cancer surgery,  was doing very well. She was fixing her own breakfast and pain-free. It’s just a matter of gaining strength, she says.

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Her daughter, Debbie, convinced her to move into one of those assisted living places in Chico.

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It’s called The Terraces and we spent about two hours inspecting the place, walking around, getting oriented to her room and the many activity centers. We met newcomers like she will soon be, checked out the pool and a small lake. It’s like a fancy hotel. She’ll have a sunny corner unit with two bedrooms and she wont have to cook if she doesn’t want to.

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Debbie, her husband Bob, Dawn and I enjoyed dinner at Michael Christians,  a popular Chico Restaurant. My daughter-in-law went to a concert with friends she stayed with.

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The next morning, I took a walk before breakfast, with my camera, of course. These cute cottontails are everywhere.

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The neighbor has a handsome bull that Bob says is just a pet. They don’t raise cattle, or butcher their meat.

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Debbie and Bob have two Paint horses and at one time raised and bred Angus Cattle as a side-line. Their kids are now bringing home the grand-kids to ride, so they keep the horses. Bob is hoping to retire from teaching in a couple of years. Debbie has taught special needs students, and worked in counseling and school administration over the years. With the recent cut-backs in education funding, she is back in the class room teaching mentally disturbed children.

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An avid quilter, she made a wall hanging for her mother to hang in her new digs at the Terraces. I was impressed with the place and am happy to see that my sister is looking forward to downsizing and embracing a new role. When she was diagnosed with lung cancer she asked the surgeon if she should make out her will. “He said, yeah, but not because you have lung cancer.”  She is doing remarkably well, and she already had a will.  Her surgery was July 2nd.

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Apache Junction, AZ

Six Blog entries ago, I reported that my Yuma sinus infection was coming alive and how I drove down to San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico for my medicine which has cured it in the past. I also mentioned that I’ve come to believe that agricultural airborne contamination was the cause behind my problem. The medicine is working and only a very minor residual pain and swelling remains which I hope will continue to disappear soon. I took my last remaining pill yesterday. Anyways, since I had completed my planned activities in Yuma, I thought I’d leave early, get away from that airborne contamination and help the healing process. My next planned stop was Apache Junction to visit with my good friends Aaron and Cheryl for a few days.

I departed Yuma on Tuesday and drove the about 200 miles to South Phoenix where I spent the night in a very quiet RV parking lot at the Wild Horse Casino, not wanting to fight the afternoon rush-hour traffic. On Wednesday I drove the remaining about 35 miles to the Countryside RV Resort. This park is an Equity Life Sharing facility which is also the parent company of Thousand Trails RV Resort of which I am a member. Because of that fact, I’m able to stay in this beautiful park for only $3 a night which includes electricity, water and sewer hookup. Such a deal!

I’ve been to Apache Junction a few times over the years. While the park is on the outskirts of Apache Junction, the area is still close to Phoenix and in general too much traffic congestion for my liking. Give me the wide open spaces!

The photo below outlines the resort as seen by Google Earth and is not a real-time photo. In reality the park is more than 95% full.


Countryside RV Resort has 560 spaces. According to Wikipedia, Apache Junction has 51 RV parks. Here’s the link…,_Arizona

I’m booked into the park for nine days and I plan to leave on January 8th and drive the about 150 miles South to Tucson where I will meet my jet-setting life partner Mary who flies in on the 9th. After 3-4 days in that area, we’ll head East and expect to arrive in New England in late May. The only thing firm item on our entire trip is being scheduled in New Orleans, LA, from February 8th to 22nd for Mardi Gras. I also expect we will arrive at Mary’s home in Murphys, CA about mid-October. Be sure to mark this Blog as a favorite and follow along with us as we travel the road of life together!

Happy New Year, Y’all!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
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