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Since I’ve been absent these pages, Jim thinks I should let people know what is going on in my life.

There is before taxes and now, after, taxes. Pre-trip details to ready. Also working on a new computer, and a new printer. The printer had to be shipped back. It weighs 45 pounds!!

I’ve been taking pictures of items I’ve purchased to place with receipts because my insurance will not cover them without receipts, should something happen. One of those things a person should do as you go, but I didn’t.

Also fielding the progress and problems with building a new place in Oregon.

Getting ready to leave for my trip to Turkey, means my housemate must be ready to take care of things while I’m gone. Jim will move on after I leave.

I’m also intent upon scanning pictures from my trip to Africa and Portugal and Spain and getting those old trips ready to blog. (Haven’t started yet.)  Some of the pictures, and experiences were pretty fantastic.  I think the accident made me realize how short life is and if you really want to do something, better get at it.

Now you know.



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