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I’ve owned a computer since 1983. You’d think by now, I’d be quite knowledgeable about computers. Nyet! It doesn’t work that way.
Being a writer, I used it like a typewriter. I never put fancy scrolls around my Christmas letter, nor included pictures, or made a column…nothing- just typed. To type and correct errors without getting out the eraser and, later, the fabulous product, Whiteout?  Yahoo! Like throwing away the iron when perma press came on the market!

For what I paid for my Commodore 64, I could buy three far superior computers today. Who would ever have thought one would need more megabytes than 64?
Hah! Fast forward to 2011.  Now, I depend on that little black box and I use it every day. It functions like a phone, a camera, a typewriter, a video producer;  it brings me music, entertainment, and laughter. The list goes on and keeps increasing.  The catch is, they have to work efficiently.

I bought a new computer Dec. 7th and hadn’t been able to use it. It came without an email program and without many of the basics operating software we’ve become used to. It took my partner 6 hours to download an email program that I hated.
Enter computer genius Sam Valapp. First, he reconfigured my machine and customized it by loading my old program from my dying computer and added some new things. Then, he returned yesterday and got my web-cam and power point to work. When I asked him what type of computer he uses, he told Jim and I that he bought parts and built his own. Now that, my friends, takes genius. I’m sure there are others like Sam, but he came to the door, took the computer away and returned it like a new born baby. Ahh. I am a happy camper.
If you live in the Vegas area, I gotta tell you, Sam’s the man:

Just give him a call at 702-415-9996.

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