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My friend Marll is selling her house in Forest Meadows and came to check on progress. She spent the night in her “former” home and really missed being in the foothills. She waxed poetic about musical events at Bryce Station Winery, the food the fun, the mountain air she misses.

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Twice this trip home I’ve stopped to chat with sisters Pam and Delores, and the winery barrel garden was in full bloom.

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One trip home to Murphys I did make one of the events, and the caterer they use is the best I’ve tasted at any of the wine events. Well, some are more fancy than this couple who barbeque and hand you an ample plate of delicious food. I’ll take the casual anytime, but I don’t know their names. You just have to go.

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Of course, barrel gardens take a lot of water, everyday, sometimes twice a day in this weather.

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Luscious. The winery is owned by Delores and Stewart Mast, terrific people. And, just across the driveway is Quyle Kiln

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Delores and Pam’s parents¬† have made high quality dinnerware here since about 1926.¬† Pam is the potter and she features 28 others displaying wares and giving classes in her pottery. The winery and pottery make a great mix. Don’t miss it if you travel between Murphys and Arnold on Highway 4. It is located just below Forest Meadows. Great wine, flowers, events with music, wine and good food, and a gift of beautiful pottery if you are so inclined.


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