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Salvation Mountain

Jim says:

Salvation Mountain is located at Slab City, U.S.A. deep in the desert of southeastern California. Leonard Knight (age 79) is the creator and builder of Salvation Mountain which helps make Slab City a most unusual place. His Salvation Mountain has been featured in magazines and television documentaries from all over the world.


Here are two links to acquaint you with Salvation Mountain…

Here are two YouTube videos with Leonard Knight…

In this second video Leonard is the slender fellow, clean-shaven with the light-colored cowboy hat…What a hoot!

I stopped by to visit with Leonard upon my arrival at Slab City two days ago and caught him in his noon-time siesta. I didn’t disturb him…


Leonard Knight tells his life story in this Wikipedia link…

When I departed Slab City yesterday morning at 8:30 AM, I stopped to see Leonard but he wasn’t there. Probably gone for breakfast in Niland.

In other news…
I closed out my Panama or Bust website a couple of months ago. So I stopped at Hi-Tech signs in Brawley, California and had the signs on my Bronco changed to reflect the change on where folks can order my books.

Here’s the before sign…


Here’s the after sign…


Then a stop at Costco for gas and food supplies in El Centro, California. I then decided to travel on to Yuma, Arizona. More later…

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I’m in Yuma, AZ!

Yesterday I drove the about 85 miles and arrived in Yuma, Arizona.

Yuma, AZ as seen by Google Earth. It’s located in the very southwest corner of the state. My dentist is located in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico about 20 miles south-southwest of Yuma.

Along the way, I stopped in Brawley, CA at a sign shop and had a sign put on my Bronco II advertising my website. It also lets me sell a sew books as I travel the road of life.

My rolling billboard.

Upon arriving in Yuma, I met up with me long-time good friend Randy Vining, who designed and built the world’s first stealth RV! Click this link for photos and details…

Here’s a link to inform you all about Yuma, AZ…,_Arizona

In past years I have spent as long as four months in this area. This year it will be only about two weeks. While I’m here I’ll be posting daily Blog entries of things to be seen in this general area.

Yuma is located on the bank of the Colorado River and only a short bridge crossing away is California where some of these forthcoming Blog entries are located.

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